The Karen Carter series – review

US Amazon link: The Karen Carter series – by R.E. Sargent

Series summary:

For any brave soul who has put a short story or novel into the public domain for public scrutiny, they’ll well know that feeling of fear-filled excitement as they wait for the reviews to roll in – will their work be met with universal acclaim or be cursed by voices of condemnation, the dreaded 1-star reviews? Now, most authors when confronted by a scathing 1-star review will, quite sensibly, shrug it off and put it out of their mind. Sometimes of course, the review might be so unjustified the author feels compelled to reply online (this rarely turns out well!). But what if the author truly doesn’t take kindly to public criticism and possesses some dubious means by which to confront their reviewer in the real world? The Karen Carter series by R.E. Sargent tackles this…

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Beat Nov blues with free reads

November 1 – 5 anyone can read two of my ebooks completely free, just click the links below.


Twelve massive ships leave the dying earth, heading into the great unknown, seeking new life among the stars.
One of the ships, GIA, crashes on Kepler, which is already inhabited. Now at the mercy of the alien race, the humans are held in an underground cavern.
Would they still have gone knowing that they would be stripped of all humanity?
Under the constant eye of the aliens, a few men discover there may be a way out of the cavern.
But to where?
How will they escape and what will they encounter if they succeed?


Being handsome has its advantages and affords him easy access into people’s homes. They quickly learn you can not judge a book by its cover when they pay the ultimate price with their lives. He didn’t ask to look the way he does, nor to lose his loving mother at such a young age. Dealing with unwanted memories, he will find a way to erase his past by cleansing the city as he sees fit.
Detective Marcy Gagon, finds at times her relationship with the lead coroner, Krista Jones, a harder case to crack than the one she’s trying to solve. She feels alone in the hunt for a man whom she believes is a serial killer. The Chief of Police refuses to entertain the possibility that Toronto has yet another serial killer until she can bring him solid proof. But when another couple are killed within 24 hours of the last, Marcy gets the push she needs, and new leads come pouring in. Fully engulfed in her job, she also learns a deeper secret to her girlfriend’s past that only strengthens their bond. Hot on the heels of a killer, Marcy must somehow bring his reign of terror to an end without letting her personal life interfere.

Give the gift of writing

I’ve created this fun prompt workbook to help awaken the imagination and get your hand moving. Working on paper deepens the visceral connection to any story. It’s a perfect gift for writers of all ages.

Below are a few snippets from within the book.   

After each prompt are 3 to 4 lined pages for your story.

There are 43 prompts, with more lined pages at the end to keep you writing. The fun part is, it’s your book, so write from my inspiration, or take what you will from the creative images. Have fun and get writing!

Available in large paperback or hardcover.

Day 16 – 3 Drabbles

Red Cape Publishing

These three drabbles are from charity anthology It Came From The Darkness, in aid of The Max the Brave Fund.

Death Penalty

Theresa Jacobs

“It came from the darkness, so black it couldn’t be seen. But oh, I felt it.” Mark shuddered, eyes wide.

The doctor nodded. “Uh-huh. And what was this, it?”

“Pure evil, in its truest form.” He hissed, “Essence.”

“Well, Mr. Nolan, I find you perfectly sound. You’ve passed every test and I will not have you committed. You will be facing the death penalty for what you did to those people.”

Laughter boiled from Mark’s lips, his eyes rolled to the whites, his tongue cleaved in half and he leapt upon the doctor. “No Doc, you face the death penalty.”

Honeycomb Face

Eric LaRocca

It came from the darkness in the pit of my throat – a small honeybee the size of a…

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133 Free Books for November

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