Author Interview with Rhonda Hopkins

  How long have you been writing? I’ve pretty much written ever since third grade. We were given a fiction assignment and I wrote about how the raccoons got their masks. Ever since I’ve made up stories just for myself. I really never thought about publishing though until a friend encouraged me after reading one... Continue Reading →



Please welcome Val, check out her interview with me, her books, and like, share - READ. Tell us about your books, genre, stand-alone or series. I’ve published seven novels, one box set (The Valiant Chronicles), and some short stories. The Valiant Chronicles is also available as a series of individual novels. My main genre is... Continue Reading →


I'm pleased to share my interview with Gordon Bickerstaff! Like, Follow, Share, READ and review! Tell us about your books, genre, stand-alone or series. My books are in the crime/thriller genre but not police /detective. They take inspiration from a TV series in the 70s called 'Doomwatch' centered around a government department which investigates high-level... Continue Reading →

Support Indie

Have you ever wanted to be in the arts? Or want your name in IMDB?  But you're not an artist - or a movie star?   Here's your chance! Help an indie filmmaker to bring the Demon of technology to life and get your name listed as an executive producer on IMDB The short film... Continue Reading →

Which word works

Did you know that words become outdated? Well, sure slang like, Daddy-o, 23 Skidoo, and cool-beans, wear their welcome. But I'm talking regular words, and they are listed as archaic when certain grammar programs find them.   I'd like to know when I became old enough that the language I used was labeled as ARCHAIC - jeez I'm... Continue Reading →

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