Top Two Horror Promoters (that I know)

Whether you are looking to promote yourself, or seeking something new, you can't go wrong checking out these promoters.   The Bold Mom has so many levels I can't even share it all here; this is a snippet. Look at all the options! There is something for everyone here. The other is Red Cape... Continue Reading →

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New video format Doodly

Here's a fun new format for us writers - a video making program called Doodly. I decided to give it a try to play with idea's for book promo's and to entice kids to read more.  I took a book idea I had, which I have not yet found and artist for, and turned it... Continue Reading →

Down – but not out – Sale

Hi everyone, so you may be curious as to my lack of blogs of late.  Or you're getting this for the first time and saying, "Who are you?"  Either way - I've been battling some illness and have been pushing through only writing the novel and short stories and resting lots! Today I feel GREAT!... Continue Reading →

Imagine that?

People are always asking where writers get their ideas from. I've written about this before, as have many other writers. But here is a twist for you; it's also the reason my grammar is so horrendously bad. Okay maybe not the only reason-I have a less than stellar education-put that aside for another day.  Today... Continue Reading →

Breathe Life Into Your Characters

What's most important to you in a story?  The plot? The ending? The flow? How about the characters? All of the above should coalesce into one amazing, unforgettable tale - if only it was so easy!  Even if your plot is thin, or your ending not to everyone's satisfaction, you must have characters that people... Continue Reading →

Ghost hunting

I've always been fascinated with the paranormal. Whether it's actual spirits or residual energy - ghost hunting was a profession I had wanted to do. However, before the internet became accessible, I was lost as to where to go or how to begin, so I never perused this dream. Last weekend I got to participate... Continue Reading →

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