We are all alone, Adrift On a sea of Connectivity Between you and I is a Rift Filled with Electric Activity So instantly we can Communicate Never in person, worlds Apart Invisible waves Propagate Our need of others in our Heart A void to fill that cannot be Found In our everyday Lives Only in... Continue Reading →

The Internet is a Succubus

Poem © Theresa Jacobs 2016 You can Read how got I lost in the web below, or you can stop time wasting and go write. I planned on writing after work last night. Usually, this is not a problem for me, somehow I got lost in the web… and I’m trying hard to recall what I... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction – Highest Price Paid

(Re-Posted Fiction) As Mrs. Winterbottom’s hand came down on the door handle, her back grew rigid, she squinted, and gave a low grunt. Her perfectly coiffed hair remained motionless as she spun to the sales girl. “How do you expect me to leave with that disgusting man out there?” The young sales girl lifted her... Continue Reading →

Use it or Lose IT

As I get older, I am finding it harder and harder to remember words, which as a writer is not a good thing. Is this sign in my mid-forties of problems to come? Perhaps… The frustrating thing is that I read all the time. I had a huge vocabulary at one time but because I... Continue Reading →

Tis The Season

If you are a beginner writer you may not think about taxes yet. Don’t forget to keep track of all your expenses as well as your income. At first you’ll most likely spend more than you make, at least I did. Even trying to not spend any money on writing, I still did. I entered... Continue Reading →

Z-Nation Profile

While I do love The Walking Dead, I have more fun watching Z-nation. For those of you who have not seen it…it is “must see tv!” It began low budget with the only cast member I recognized being D.J Qualls (From “The New Guy” and “Road Trip” among other low-brow comedies) The creators of Z-Nation... Continue Reading →


Never let people pigeon hole you. There are those who say; if you write mystery stick to mystery…or romance or horror…etc. But Why? We have these amazing imaginations, why reign it in and only work on one genre? If you have the ability to dream up something new and unique why not share it with... Continue Reading →

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