Give and Take

Have you asked for any help? Have you given help to others?

Writing today is a different world then it was ten years ago. We have the world wide web, we can talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere! While you may stumble around reading post after post about writing. Learning your craft, or finding publishing information — whatever it is that you are seeking — don’t ever be afraid to ask others for help.

You will be pleasantly surprised by how many others are willing to give you tips, or advice. It may not all be pertinent to you, but take what you need, discard what you don’t.

Once you find your comfort zone within the abyss, apply the same help to others. If you learn one trick of the trade (like who gives free reviews, or who is willing to edit free, or beta read) share that with people you know that need this information.

It’s a game of give and take.

If you have any questions, because this post is a bit vague — it’s all in my weekly blog. Just ask me, I’ll share what I know. Or I may have a person on my list that can help too.

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