The Internet is a Succubus

Poem © Theresa Jacobs 2016

You can Read how got I lost in the web below, or you can stop time wasting and go write.

I planned on writing after work last night. Usually, this is not a problem for me, somehow I got lost in the web… and I’m trying hard to recall what I even did.

The most important task was filling out an application for a writers site, that did take longer than anticipated. But it was an accomplishment — so Check.

Then I planned on writing, and thought, I’d better view my email first. Of course, I had some comments from G+ — So I responded.

Seeing as I’m on G+ already, I had to browse others posts, read some blogs, gotta keep up with everyone.

That led me to check both my Facebooks accounts, respond to questions, share a new author site.

Notifications for emails pop up with a few more blogs to read. Read another author’s short stories.

Oh yes, write my blog for tomorrow morning — another writing accomplishment, Check.

Time to write and I Lost the link to the new Bibsco program I computer… that distracted me to clean up my desktop, change my pic, change my desktop, and delete some files. I finally find the program, open it and not sure where I left off… now I’m exhausted and decide to turn in.

Hit the bed for tv, do Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and candy crush, while watching three shows. And I wrote this … wow, I may need an electronic vacation.

Not that you need me to tell you all this — but that is the difference between setting a writing schedule and sticking it — or letting your mind wander — now I must go write.

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