Handling rejection

Handling rejection

Yes, it will happen to all of us at one time or another, the dreaded rejection letter. These days it’s the rejection email, or even…no response whatsoever.

Of course, it’s a letdown; you worked hard the piece, you thought it was worthy, so why are they rejecting it?

You have to look at the entire picture. Perhaps the story just did not fit what they had in mind at the time. Maybe it just didn’t jive with the person reading it — remember not everyone likes the same thing — so that is always a factor too. Don’t forget to check your editing more than once, make sure it’s spot on.

When rejection happen focus on the positive things that are happening now, or the possibilities that are coming your way. If you are serious about your craft, then a few rejections along the way are a sign that you are working hard. No rejections mean you’re not putting yourself out there enough.

I had four rejections come through on the same day — FOUR — but you know what I also had an email from an author that wants to work with me on a project. So, I was too focused on that fantastic news to let some “no’s” bother me. Tomorrow would be a new day, and there are thousands of places to send my stories too, so C’est la vie!

Keep working at your dreams, no one can make them come true but you.

I believe in me; do you believe in you?

Happy writing folks, Theresa Jacobs http://theresajcbs.wixsite.com/authorpage

Here is a website I found that details all the most famous rejections, plus agents, query’s, and many other learning tools.


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