On getting fan mail from trolls

I love this post on dealing with Trolls

The Cat's Write

And yes I’m going to call it fan mail, because I’m gonna turn them trolls on their heads, and that’s alright with me. 

OK, I wouldn’t necessarily call them trolls, but people who have nothing better to do in their lives but waste 10 minutes typing a poorly worded message (and for heavens sake it’s ‘their’ not there’) that only ever ends up in the spam folder. And I never block them, because every time they visit my page or watch one of my videos, my stats go up. How cool is that?

Everyone else on WordPress is so unfailingly nice, and have only ever cheered me on while I’ve been floundering around, learning the ropes, and annoying you all with cat gifs while I try to figure the hell out of this blogging thing. While I didn’t expect to come across any trolls here, at least it’s not…

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Flash Fiction – Rat boy

Marg, the Auditor General, dropped the last of her files into her case. “Are you coming?” Sandy looked up from the ledger she was concentrating on. “No, you go, I really want to get this entered so I can enjoy a long weekend.” “Ok but that means you’ll be the last one here.” Marg gave... Continue Reading →

Rat Race

  RAT RACE June 28, 2017 by Summer Writing Contest    Macy’s open toed Michael Kors sandals kicked up puffs of age-old dust as she shuffled through the tunnel. She let her hand trail a hair away from the moldy damp cement wall, adverse to get her fingers dirty. Every so often she would sidestep a broken... Continue Reading →

Friday Flash Fiction: Screaming Tunnel

Thank you Jason Davis for sharing my story. #Free #Flashfiction #horror

Breaking Fate Publishing

Each week we feature a short piece of fiction for your enjoyment. If you would like to submit your own work, it must be under 2000 words. Please submit to jason@breakingfate.com


Screaming Tunnel


Theresa Jacobs

“While we’re in Niagara Falls, why don’t we check out the screaming tunnel?” Marlene clapped and bounced on her toes. Horror, spooks, and anything haunted was her cup of tea.

Bill, on the other hand, hated the phoney-boloney bull-hockey, as he liked to say and wrinkled his nose. “Do we always have to do this? Seriously every vacation you drag me off to some,” he waved his hands in the air, “haunted, bull-hockey!”

Marlene pressed her voluptuous chest against his arm and pouted. “Pleeeese Billywilly? I’ll make it worth your while.” She winked as she kissed his cheek.

Bill wrapped his arm around her slender young shoulder. “Alright, tell me about this tunnel?”

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             Terri swore silently, her co-worker just called in sick. She’d closed the store alone before. I can do it again “Coming,” Terri called out to the couple looking at rings. She was wrapping up the sale when a red-haired girl came out from the staffroom. Terri frowned. The girl... Continue Reading →

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