Friday Flash Fiction: Screaming Tunnel

Thank you Jason Davis for sharing my story. #Free #Flashfiction #horror

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Screaming Tunnel


Theresa Jacobs

“While we’re in Niagara Falls, why don’t we check out the screaming tunnel?” Marlene clapped and bounced on her toes. Horror, spooks, and anything haunted was her cup of tea.

Bill, on the other hand, hated the phoney-boloney bull-hockey, as he liked to say and wrinkled his nose. “Do we always have to do this? Seriously every vacation you drag me off to some,” he waved his hands in the air, “haunted, bull-hockey!”

Marlene pressed her voluptuous chest against his arm and pouted. “Pleeeese Billywilly? I’ll make it worth your while.” She winked as she kissed his cheek.

Bill wrapped his arm around her slender young shoulder. “Alright, tell me about this tunnel?”

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