Author Spotlight

I would like to introduce you to Zane Dowling, my friend, editor, and mentor. He passes on some sage advice. Read below and when you’re done, why not go buy one of his superb books, you won't regret it.  P.s. my favorite is "Brother's Keeper. Link below. The one thing I want you to take... Continue Reading →

Writing Practice Blog

Writing Practice, 100 words with prompt purse, theatre, travesty. Check it out. This is my entry: Criminal Rain plunked a heavy song upon the roofs of parked cars. A large drop caught the bridge of Jane's nose leaving a cold trail to her lips. Her tongue darted out remembering the taste of snowflakes as a... Continue Reading →

Writing through the Chaos of Life

The world is full of angst, turmoil, political or religious standings, and worst of all hatred. We can't even blame our time for this, as it's  been this way since the dawn of man, we just weren't there to bear witness - you get it, I know.  The only difference is that in this time, we are... Continue Reading →

Grammar and the Greats #blog

Grammar does not come easily to us all. I just want to write, get the story out of head and onto the page. Then the grammar police slash, dash, and crash my party. It has been too many years since I left grade school behind and sadly I did not practice writing. I have forgotten... Continue Reading →

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