Writing through the Chaos of Life

The world is full of angst, turmoil, political or religious standings, and worst of all hatred. We can’t even blame our time for this, as it’s

 been this way since the dawn of man, we just weren’t there to bear witness – you get it, I know. 

The only difference is that in this time, we are bombarded by hundreds of channels crying out for attention. Every news feed on the internet screaming click me, click me, and every person with a point of view telling their version of current events.  


Then there are those of us who just want to write. To bring laughter, or take a reader away to a new world, a world that may be in turmoil too but you know it will end well. To give life to lovers and grand ideas, or invent amazing places. 

You don’t have to completely shut off what may be important to you in current events, only perhaps for a few hours at a time. Let your creativity guide you and give you peace, even for a little while. Don’t forget people still go out dancing, eat at restaurants, watch movies, so you want to write – write.  

Take every freedom you have and do what you love. 

Happy writing folks, Theresa


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