Darn it …what was my blog?


While blogging weekly can be a daunting undertaking, most of us find something to talk about. However when you have a brilliant flash of a blog mid week but neglect to write it down – that’s a pisser!


I awoke this morning to blog and had absolutely no idea what my mind-blowingly-thousand-likes -blog was going to be!




I did my chores, walked the dog, had some lunch and tried not to think about it. Maybe it would sneak back into my consciousness if I avoided thinking about it altogether.



Clearly, via the state of this Blog, that did not happen. Perhaps next week I’ll have that showstopper. But for today you are left with this –



Debut Novel, 5* reviews https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01B786Z7K

Book with Speil.jpg

4 thoughts on “Darn it …what was my blog?

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  1. When creativity happens, grab it! I bought a forehead flashlight to keep next to my bed so that I can write down those 3:00 am flashes of brilliance in my journal without waking my wife. It’s often some of my best stuff. The joke is, you wake up the next morning, read your wee hours words, and it’s all blather. But these notes have turned into some of the key ideas in my stories.
    Also, characters invent themselves in the middle of the night. They speak to me, sometimes even tell me their name. This is where Eddy Backwater came from, the voice of all my stupid wisecracks.

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    1. Yes we do have to track every great thought, even if they later turn out to be drivel – as you say, some are genius. And I kick myself every-time when I think I am too busy to pause and make notes, somehow thinking I will remember. At this age, its no different than not taking that darn list the store.
      Thanks for reading and commenting Mike 🙂

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  2. I love these types of posts. I did one a year or so back titled ‘No Post This Week’. I had nothing, but somehow created a few hundred words to fill the weekly void. Wonderful post.
    Started on Cataclysm the other day, almost finished. Wonderful!

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  3. Thanks, Mike, I thought any post would be better than no post – and it’s getting good responses. I appreciate you stopping by. .. and reading my book. Whenever someone mentions they are reading the book, I always want to explain why I wrote it the way I did – but I must refrain, be proud that I did it, and continue to improve 🙂


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