A Writers Life is Stranger Than Fiction

People always ask writers where they get their ideas. Most of the time we can’t tell you that. It’s like asking a human how they can walk, or talk, or think, we just do. There are times, however, when Life is stranger than fiction, and these great weird moments can evolve into an entire book or even just a snip in a story we are working on.


So this happened to me the other night.

1:30 I awaken with the need to pee – happens to the best of us – although my routine is 4:00 am – so this is a very unusual time.stone-dog-194453_640





I climb back into my warm cozy place in bed and suddenly the room is lit up as though the overhead light has been turned on. I open my eyes and the husband’s phone, normally off, is face up and some sort of silent notification came through that woke it. Ok weird but whatever, I snuggle back in…. and then an alarm clock, that I have never heard before, starts buzzing from the basement of all places!



I’m so tired at this point I don’t even care about the cold house (winter in Canada) or that I’m in my birthday suit, or that perhaps there is a demon lying in wait.




I run downstairs to find an old alarm clock that my husband had plugged in to view the time. The next oddity was that the alarm dial was in the off position! I pressed buttons until it shut up and went back to bed.





As I snuggled in I thought is someone trying to tell me something? Then rolled over figuring if it was really important they could try again, I was just too tired to care.


However, in the light of day, I was pondering why those three unusual occurrences transpired and would be a good idea to slip things like this into my next novel.


That’s how a writers mind works, happy writing folks Theresa Jacobs


4 thoughts on “A Writers Life is Stranger Than Fiction

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  1. I’m glad you liked it 🙂 Yes the mundane chores do give us time to create interesting fantasies! And it’s funny that you should comment and your title is lfewithmrst – my husband from the day I met him calls me Ms.T. LOL 🙂


  2. Interesting read Theresa. Very insightful. I have been awoken 👀at 6am ⏱a few times with either song lyrics 🎤or a couple of guitar notes 🎸in my head. Of course once that happens I have to get up and jot down ✍the idea or grab my guitar and find the notes bouncing around in my brain. The sad part is those few times I rolled over and went back to sleep. On waking a bit later I realized the nugget that was in my head must have dislodged while I was tossing and turning and fell out through my left ear. It was gone never to be found 🕵🏻again!! So sad. 😥😥😥


  3. Hey thanks for commenting dad 🙂 Yes this happens too many times to me too. Or I’ll have the exact perfect character dialogue worked out as I’m dozing off and then can never recreate it in the morning – annoying!


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