Using the Blog as Promo

Hi All! I’m blogging on a Wed night…say what?

I’ve come tonight for the first time ever off my Sat schedule, because I will be attending my – also – first ever, book signing this Saturday. While I am away doing that, I want to share with you all other things I write.

First and Foremost my newest Sci-Fi Novel, KEPT, was published last night (paperbacks available soon) if you can check it out.



I also am a contributor to 1428Elm.Com an online horror Magazine. I was writing weekly about my favorite TV show, Znation. Which is now over until next season, so I’ve picked up the show Ghost Wars. You can check out my weekly articles Here :


I began a gardening Blog :


I even write Songs and Poetry



If you are a writer, write!

Promote and share in anyway you can.

See you all shortly, share your achievements with us. Thanks for stopping by, Theresa Jacobs.

3 thoughts on “Using the Blog as Promo

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  1. Hi, I was considering it. The last time I thought about it I looked at the amazon audio contract and got scared off by all the gibberish – so I’ll have to just buckle down and check it out again. Thanks for checking out the blog 🙂


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