Obsessed with books

Why are the majority of us readers, either writers, or want to be writers? What is the obsession with words, books, paper, pens? IS there some phycological disorder linked to us?


There is the Obsession with copious amounts of notebooks. All of these have been written in. Some full, therefore a new one makes sense, some used for ‘specific’ writing needs. Some 3/4 full of ramblings.  However, they are excellent sources of material when you need inspiration. Two of my novel idea’s were buried there.



The ‘only my favorite’ authors shelves. I am aiming to collect all in hardcover. Yikes, what a big expenditure with little return that is! Unless, of course, there’s a first book, first edition, mint in there. Maybe someday I’ll sell – or more accurately my family will when I’m dead. Sorry family!


Can’t forget the new acquires :


Or the ones I wrote!


How about the boxes in the basement that are packed away until the reno’s are finished – which also has fully written in notebooks too.


Well no matter what the psychology is, life is short, and if the above is what makes you happy, then I say enjoy! https://www.amazon.com/Theresa-Jacobs/e/B01BAS13T2


PS Wiki says this:

Bibliomania is characterized by the collecting of books which have no use to the collector nor any great intrinsic value to a genuine book collector.

is not to be confused with bibliophilia, which is the usual love of books and is not considered a clinical psychological disorder.

Other abnormal behaviours involving books include book-eating (bibliophagy),[8] compulsive book-stealing (bibliokleptomania), and book-burying (bibliotaphy).






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