Featured Author Melanie P. Smith

Please give Melanie a warm welcome, check out our interview, give a like or a share, and become a stalker.   How long have you been writing? I’ve actually been writing all my life.  It has taken many forms over the years.  In college, I put aside my fictional writing to focus on term-papers and... Continue Reading →

Giveaway Results

Thank you all who participated in the chance to win $25.00 Cash and receive a free book.  The Winner has been contacted to accept their prize. (Of course, I won't share their email The end results of a three-day giveaway were 1878 contestants. 215 Email Subscribers to my author email (12 unsubscribers) and yes there will... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Theresa Jacobs

Hey I did an interview with some unique questions. Read and enjoy …PS my new novella is Free for the next five days, so perfect timing too. Check it out and give a like to two!

Mishael Austin Witty | Blue Brown Books

Today I have the honor of welcoming Theresa Jacobs to the blog. She’s introducing us to her newly released novella, The Cimmerians.


Welcome, Theresa. I’m so pleased you could join me. Let’s talk a bit about your writing.

If Oprah invited you onto her show to talk about your book, what would the theme of the show be?

Halloween, and that would be awesome. She’s like the daytime Johnny Carson for breakout artists.

How did you get the idea for the novel?

Well, this one began as a short story, and I include it as a freebie in the back of the book. Sometimes when I’m on my computer I’ll catch a shadow in my peripheral vision, but when I turn to look there is nothing there. One time when it happened I just thought what a good creepy ghost story that could be. So I wrote a short. Then…

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Bust out of the writing mold

Aren’t you tired of reading, or even seeing, the same old formula? The Hero always wins, the guy gets the girl. Two people met, they fall in love, they have a big fight, they make up and ride off into the sunset.   If you read the structures, and plot outlines, and writing for mainstream,... Continue Reading →

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