How does a scientist write books for kids? Find out here.

Introducing Paul Ian Cross   Hi Paul, tell us about your books, genre, stand-alone or series. Hi Theresa, thanks for having me! I’m Paul Ian Cross and I’m a children’s author and scientist from London, UK. I work in clinical research (developing new medicines). I very much enjoy my science career but I also have... Continue Reading →

Real Writers Rejected and Accepted

We always see the examples of the now famous authors and their rejection letters. But how do you cope with working your butt off every day - plus take care of family - and then get rejected? We may receive many simple "Not at this time,” responses. Which bums us out, but it's not heart-wrenching. And... Continue Reading →

Write this, that, and the other!

Keep your writing life interesting. Why bind yourself to only writing novellas or novels? Branch out, get your name far and wide. Take chances, you never know what's going to be your big break if you never try. Write for anthologies Contests Apply to magazines Flash fiction TV scripts – what?... Continue Reading →

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