No Vacation from writing

I’m on vacation from the day job. I’m one of those lucky people that get to live paycheque to paycheque, so vacation means STAYCATION – there are no fun fancy trips.

It simply means I can act like a kid again, stay up late, sleep in, and weather permitting, lay in the sun all day.


But I MUST write every day!

My Camera was crooked – annoying

This is where the weather really comes into play. It’s been cloudy and cool and mostly yucky. Therefore, I get to spend 6 to 8 hours writing every day, rather than just in the evenings like I do after the day job.

Vacation is the bonus to writing. I’m getting tons done and can’t wait until this becomes my permanent lifestyle.

My newest novel may be dropping sooner than I thought – Late summer depending on editing!

Stay tuned for THE USED



PS I have the talented Eric Lahti to thank for this cover


What do you do on your vacations? Write or Play?

8 thoughts on “No Vacation from writing

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  1. Great blog post, Theresa. My family and I recently went on vacation a few weeks ago and I brought my laptop along and wrote first thing in the morning, (I’m an early to bed early to rise type of person), while everyone was asleep, and I wrote in the evenings as well. It was so fun to write in an unfamiliar environment and the creativity really flowed from my mind to the page. It’s amazing what you can get accomplished when you take a vacation, slow down, and focus more on life.

    By the way, the cover for your new books looks beautiful. Congrats!

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