Busy Bee – the writers life

You want to be a writer? This is what a writers life looks like – and this is without young kids.


Begin each day early. I like to social media in the mornings before the day job. Some people prefer to write a little.

Work on covers, banners, logo’s, or think of new ways to grab a readers attention.

Here is my new banner.


Logo created by https://www.facebook.com/groups/darkwishdesigns/

Ordered through Beatties, my local (and employer) office supply store. Check out your local places to get the best service for your money.  https://beatties.com/
Or busy preparing stock for the upcoming show in Oct, where I’ll be selling my books. If you’re in the Southern Ontario Canada or Niagara Falls/Buffalo USA area, come on out and see the show.

Recent Orders
30 CONTENT – Sudden Death
15 CONTENT – Cataclysm
30 CONTENT – Kept
20 CONTENT – The Cimmerians
30 CONTENT – Wife ‘n’ Death



All while editing two books and beginning to write another … COMING SOON…

Writing101 (1).jpg

Writing 101 will be free for everyone – ETA Late Sept



The Used to be released Late Oct Early Nov!









HANDSOME (4).jpg

And my new WIP – Cover ready due late winter – early spring… so stay tuned.







AND writing articles for 1428Elm.com and this weekly blog.  Imagine what I could do if I didn’t have a day job 🙂

1428Elm.com https://1428elm.com/author/tjacobs/


Now Imagine what you can do and get to it!


Stalk me 



6 thoughts on “Busy Bee – the writers life

Add yours

  1. Wow! You are busy. I’m inspired by this, as I also have a day job. It’s tough to get it all in. I write mostly at night. Can’t seem to get it together in the morning. I like the idea of leaving the morning open to checking media and emails. Do you completely edit your own stuff or do you use an editor for the final product? I have a novel soon to be completed and have wondered about the use of an editor. Thanks for this article.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Edmund, I’m happy you had a chance to read the blog 🙂

    I do find the social media stuff best in the mornings when I’m too foggy to gather thoughts to write. This really frees up my nights too.

    Unfortunately my grammar is the worst 😦 I do need to use editors otherwise no one would read my work. I have used Novel Nurse Editing – she was good – used her when she had a deal after nanowrimo.
    & luniakkpublications.com – Toneye is the best.

    But I’m always hunting deals, or bargaining with editors to give me a break if there is a service I can exchange.So sometimes I use randoms that I find on facebook and hope they’re good.

    Thanks again for reading and commenting.


    1. Thank you. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, King uses editors, as do most of the top authors out there. King even has an MFA degree and taught English for a time. I have the same problem, my grammars not always the best, especially on something as big as a novel. It can be, as you know, overwhelming. I’ll start to look into editors when I get the rewrite completed. If it’s okay, I may pick your brain when I get there. Thank you for the help.

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  3. You are very busy Theresa! Now I understand why it can take several months to write a good story, and yours are excellent stories. Keep up the good work. You are more dedicated than I am.

    Liked by 1 person

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