The incomparable Lucy Lombos

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Tell us about your books, genre, stand-alone or series.

  • I write children’s books most of the time because I am a staunch children’s literacy advocate. My latest book is ‘Ter and Ter’, The Turtle and the Eagle. And I have an upcoming biographical book early next year: “The Seed”.




 Right now, I am still working on my first novel, “Rose of Calapan”. I find it very difficult to write a novel because of the rules to comply with so that it can be classified as an authentic novel. I studied a lot of online writing courses, aside from my English grammar and fundamental writing, essay writing, poetry, reading and literature units in college, and master’s program.

 I planned that my children’s book, “The Class Lady Bug” be written in series but in vain.

How long have you been writing?

  •  I’ve been writing since 2000 in our school newsletter, and yes also in other school’s paper. But it was only in 2014 when my first children’s book was published.

Are you traditionally published, or self published?

  •  Self-published.

If self-published when/why did you take that route.-

  • In 2014. I am an Indie author because I already experienced a lot of rejections. So I took that route, self publication for the children in our school.

Does writing energize or exhaust you?

  •  It energizes me. It makes me excited.

How many hours a day do you write?

  • It depends on my schedule. I have a school that I manage remotely. Sometimes, I am like a rooster. I wake up early just to write in the morning for one or two hours. On the other hand, I am also an owl. I write in the evening or in the middle of the night.

Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad or good ones?

  •   Yes, I do read the book reviews. I just ignore the bad ones but I learn from them. The good ones inspire me a lot.

What was your hardest scene to write?

  • The hook and the closing, for me, are the hardest scenes to write. I usually ran out of words for the struggles, the second act in the story.

What is your favorite childhood book? 

  • All the fairy tales of the Grimm Brothers. But I like the “Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein, “The Velveteen Rabbit” by Margery Williams and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle.

What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?

  • Editing and marketing; and then of course the criticism hurts me but I do believe it’s the part of the learning process.

Who is your favorite author and have you ever tried to emulate them?

  • Eric Carle is loved by me, and those which I already mentioned.

What book changed your life?

  • A lot. But the Holy Bible is timeless.

Is there anything you want us to know about you or your books?

  • I’m a teacher by profession. Storytelling has been one of my techniques in teaching the young children. I teach Christian Living, Language and Reading in our school, Lombosco Academy. Writing is never my cup of tea. However, I tried it because I decided and committed myself to become a literacy advocate. With foot injury, I found my niche when I migrated in Vancouver, Canada.

ter_and_ter_kindle revision #2.jpg

Afterwords for ‘Ter and Ter’…

1) Wanting to become a famous artist, Peter Shelley embarked on his trip to Music and Arts Festival in Mount Malasimbo without his parents’ permission.

His amazing adventure led to a beautiful friendship with Terry Spot.

Where do power, beauty and knowledge reside? Whose side will you agree with- Peter Shelley’s or Terry Spot’s?

A story of love, family, friendship, obedience in a picturesque setting of Puerto Galera, the pride of the Philippines… a must-read book.

Congratulations to the author! Mabuhay, Puerto Galerians!

Rockey D. Ilagan . The Hon. Mayor of Puerto Galera, Or. Mindoro, Philippines 

2) In today’s world where children are growing up fast in an environment dominated by IT, it is our duty to protect children from getting addicted to their mobile phones which lead them to live in virtual reality and cut off from the real world.

This is why it so important for parents to develop their children’s awareness and appreciation of nature so that they will learn to care and protect their natural environment.

We congratulate Lucy Lombos for writing this children’s book ‘Ter and Ter’ which can help develop children’s curiosity and love of nature.

We hope that the author will continue to write more children’s books that will capture the children’s imagination and explore the beauty of nature and become the future guardians of our planet Earth.

Hubert d’Aboville. President & Founder, PUERTO GALERA MOST BEAUTIFUL BAY, INC., Adopted Son of Puerto Galera, And President and Founder of Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival 

3) ‘Ter & Ter’ is an amusing children’s book. It inculcates good lessons and values to the children who are beginning to read and reading to learn. In particular, it teaches us passion in arts and music, and love of the family.

What is unique in this story, authored by the creative and talented Lucy Lombos, is the love of nature. Further, it informs the readers about the different habitats in Puerto Galera with its teeming marine, terrestrial flora, and fauna.

The young readers for sure will be delighted to know that Puerto Galera is known for being one of the World’s Most Beautiful Bays. It was also declared by UNESCO as Man and Biosphere Reserve.

It is amazing that the important features of Puerto Galera are mentioned in the story. In addition, it also promotes the tourism and conservation of the place. It is very seldom that one finds such encompassing environmental information being integrated in a children’s story. This is actually for all ages. I recommend that adults read this one of a kind story.

Daniel Enriquez. Marine Biologist, Former Municipal Councilor of PG (4 terms),
Member of the Board & Treasurer PG Most Beautiful Bay Inc.. Member of the Board PG Coastal Resource Management Board, Member of the Board of PG Solid Waste Management Board, and Member of the Board of PG Tourism Council

What People Say About the Book

When it comes to teaching children the values of respect, obedience, and love for parents and elders, reading a book is a very effective and exciting way to educate them. More often than not, books can help children grasp lessons that seem very basic to adults but can be challenging for young children.

‘Ter and Ter’ is one such book. It is about two friends who came to a realization that they love their parents and that their parents love them. Through their shared experiences, they understood that their parents only want the best for them.

Both ‘Ter and Ter’ left home to follow their dreams without telling their parents where they were going. But both felt that something was missing. Follow Ter and Ter’s adventure and see how they came full circle and learned a very valuable lesson.

Lucy E. Lombos has used children’s books numerous times to instill values that are important for children to learn. She has done it once again in ‘Ter and Ter’. This book was written in a light, simple and explicit language but with very strong and priceless message.

 Marina Aguila-Hendon. Teacher in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

‘Ter is a lame turtle who loves to draw. He dreams of traveling to Mount Malasimbo to attend the Music and Arts Festival to see the artwork of the great artists. But he leaves home without asking. Along the way, he bumps into many creatures and meets a new friend with the same nickname. Together, ‘Ter and Ter’ must try to find their way back to the people they love most. Did ‘Ter, the turtle do the right thing by leaving without permission? Will he make it home?

Sweet and heartwarming, Ter and Ter’ is an uplifting story of friendship, adventure and the love of family.

Jewel Eliese. Mom and an American Writer

 ‘Ter, a lame little turtle dreams of becoming the most famous artist in the town of Puerto Galera.  But then nobody seems to notice his talent. Instead, he even gets scolded by Mom for “dirtying” their walls. Disheartened he chanced upon an ad for the Music and Arts Festival atop the famed Mount Malasimbo.  To follow his dream, he must “run” away from home.  He knows the climb would be daunting for a lame turtle. Along the way, an eagle also nicknamed Ter’ would snatch him up with his powerful claws. And there begins their adventure together.

 ‘Ter and Ter’ explores their unintentional friendship and adventure that would lead them back to what really matters.

Fr. Gerard Ravasco, SDB Salesian Priest

A delightful tale! A lame turtle who won’t be held back by his disabilities, and a lonely eagle who looks past his own problems to selflessly help someone who is unable to help him back.  Lucy skillfully teaches children through her vibrant story that no matter your disabilities, you can always chase your dreams and help others along the way!

A great book to purchase that will not only be a help and encouragement to your child but also be a financial help to young readers in the Philippines where the proceeds of this book go!

Sarah Goodwin. Writer at

Lucy’s creative mind and amazing way of story-telling will definitely captivate the hearts and minds of young readers.

A must-read for everyone’s child, with valuable lessons on family, friendship, and love.

Edwin Cruz. Feast Builder, Light of Jesus, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Let us not forget her thoughtful, intelligent, and wise contribution to Writing 101. Grab your free copy here.

Writing101 (1)


I for one am thrilled to have met Lucy in person, it was a day I’ll treasure.  Thanks for reading, Theresa Jacobs.


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