Meet a ragtag team of strangers who come together to save the universe, in this thrill ride of mystery, adventure and war.  Join the many who are seeking alternatives from the strict rules of amazon and grab your copy over at Smashwords! Leave a review and guaranteed they wont delete it on you. Smashwords WORLD WIDE... Continue Reading →

How to write when you just don’t feel like it.

Set the mood I cut the last bunch of flowers from my garden to create a pleasing atmosphere and soothing scent. Prepare your drinks and snacks I'm good for a few hours. When the hot drink is gone, it's on to water.  Play the right music Whatever you like that suites your mood, or your... Continue Reading →

How do you write?

People are always asking how to write and work full time. Here's my advice.   Give up any thoughts of a social life - at least for the first ten years. Use the weather to your advantage. Too hot = air condition and write. Too cold = crank the heat and write. Just right =... Continue Reading →

Addicted to publishing

Publishing my first book was both terrifying and exhilarating. How would it be received? Would I be outed as a fraud and have my internet privileges locked away? Would people be kind or mean? So many emotions came with the first book, and when nothing exceptionally bad, or amazingly good happened, I kept writing. As... Continue Reading →

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