Amazing things happen when you say YES

Writing a novel is an arduous task. Then you have to add marketing and publishing on top of that.  I am writing two novels at the same time, this has become a common practice for me, plus I have the blog and the day job.

Yada-yada, you all know the drill. 

I’ve also been asked to attempt some new tasks that were quite frankly, scary.  I took a deep breath and said YES! I mean what’s the worst that can happen? It’ll turn out to be crap and we’ll all move on.

So what’s the task you ask?

October 22 2017, I was approached by my friend Lisa Crawford, she wanted to know if I would be interested in writing a 15 minute horror script for a film festival. 

I’ve never written a script before, I don’t even know what that looks like. And I said, “I can try.” 

I googled “HOW TO WRITE A SCRIPT” and then I wrote it. 

On October 23 2017 I sent her the first draft, and she loved it. 

Films, even short ones, take time. On Feb 1 2019, we had the first “unofficial” wrap party. The film is in editing and will soon be submitted to many festivals. That means I can’t share with you all – YET – but I can share the progress along the way.



Now imagine if I said, “No, I can’t do that.”  None of the above would exist.

It’s okay to try and fail, it’s not okay to be non-existent.

You can follow Death Game Film on




You can also join the demon, where new postings list, calls for future stories will happen and more #Brimorie


I must give shout out to my amazingly strong, beautiful, intelligent, and supportive friend Jackie. She has been beside me, there for me, and cheered me on from the start of my journey. Thank you xoxo


What have you done that scared you but you did it anyway?

2 thoughts on “Amazing things happen when you say YES

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  1. Well said. I never say no to new experiences. I had a movie producer talk to me a while back but they didn’t think they could film my story in their budget. I guess it would need some special effects. Anyway, I didn’t say no. I think it’s great you’re doing so well. It gives me inspiration.

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    1. Oh yes the budget through Indie films is a problem for us horror enthusiasts! I have written a few stories for an in the works Amazon Prime show, and I had to re-write them to have more psychological elements that didn’t need the special effects. It was still fun and if they ever make it to production I’ll be sure to talk about them more as well.
      Keep trying – you never know who’ll be able to grab it up and make your vision 🙂
      All the best!


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