Ghost hunting

I've always been fascinated with the paranormal. Whether it's actual spirits or residual energy - ghost hunting was a profession I had wanted to do. However, before the internet became accessible, I was lost as to where to go or how to begin, so I never perused this dream. Last weekend I got to participate... Continue Reading →

Book Review & Author Interview: Wife ‘n’ Death by Theresa Jacobs

Writing Scared

My Review: 3.5 of 5 Stars

After killing her husband, Angelica brings the muzzle of her .38 special to her temple to end her years of heartache, but once she pulls the trigger, she finds herself trapped in a new cycle of misery. From that fateful day the ghosts of Brian and Angelica become stuck in a seemingly endless loop of torment until a woman and her five-year-old daughter move into the house, providing fresh victims for Brian’s rage. Angelica attempts to warn Crystal, and tries to protect the young Eden, from her husband’s wrath, but her spirit may not be strong enough to save them all.

From the very first pages of this novel, I was hooked. The author’s writing style is easily digestible, full of sharp images, and portrays vivid characters, making this book hard to put down. Each chapter is told from the viewpoints of both the…

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Calls for Horror Anthologies

I've been slacking on my blogging, just busy with life, so here are some open calls I've seen. Some I've entered, you can too! Good Luck.    Fractured Mind Publishing As most of you know, Fractured Mind Publishing will be publishing three anthologies in 2019. They are: 1) Seven Sins of The Apocalypse 2) More... Continue Reading →

Adverbs, Stephen King, and the rules.

Let’s talk a bit about grammar rules. On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King, The adverb is not your friend.  Adverbs … are words that modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. They’re the ones that usually end in -ly. Adverbs, like the passive voice, seem to have been created with the timid writer... Continue Reading →

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