Imagine that?

People are always asking where writers get their ideas from. I've written about this before, as have many other writers. But here is a twist for you; it's also the reason my grammar is so horrendously bad. Okay maybe not the only reason-I have a less than stellar education-put that aside for another day.  Today... Continue Reading →

Top Two Horror Promoters (that I know)

Whether you are looking to promote yourself, or seeking something new, you can't go wrong checking out these promoters.   The Bold Mom has so many levels I can't even share it all here; this is a snippet. Look at all the options! There is something for everyone here. The other is Red Cape... Continue Reading →

Breathe Life Into Your Characters

What's most important to you in a story?  The plot? The ending? The flow? How about the characters? All of the above should coalesce into one amazing, unforgettable tale - if only it was so easy!  Even if your plot is thin, or your ending not to everyone's satisfaction, you must have characters that people... Continue Reading →

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