Vivid Imagination – Flash Fiction short story from ‘Flashbulb Moments’

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Vivid Imagination

It was reasonable to assume Melina Jackson was her name given that was the only female name on the list of doorbells.

FlatcapThe flat-capped, raincoat wearing man liked to stalk his victims first. He deliberately cultivated an unassuming, almost invisible appearance for the initial stages of his work for obvious reasons, ensuring that any possible description of him would be as nondescript as that of the nearest lamppost. The knife-wielding sociopath was most meticulous in his planning, proud indeed of his attention to detail. But then, of course, he had to be otherwise his career would most likely have been a short one …


The mere presence of Bartholomew Brown was enough to make the skin crawl – if he wanted. Mostly though, he was the most affable and charming man you could ever hope to meet.

He preferred to be called Mr Brown rather than Bartholomew…

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[Book Review] Elements of Horror: Earth- Edited by P.J. Blakey-Novis

Home Grown Horror

Elements of Horror: Earth is the first in a four book series of anthologies by Red Cape Publishing. Each of the books has a central theme of one of the four elements; Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The stories within each anthology all share a common connection to that element, however loose. The stories found in Earth have amazing range. Here we have stories ranging from lightly creepy, to thought inducing, to downright terrifying. I thoroughly enjoyed the majority of the collection. Out of 11 stories, I really loved 7 of them. The other four were either just not for me, or I simply enjoyed them. There were no stories that I found to be severely lacking. One thing particularly worth noting is how well edited and put together this anthology is. A significant issue that I run across often with smaller anthologies is a lack of editing and proofreading…

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