Author, adventurer, teacher and giver – who is this person?

Let me introduce you to Joshua Grant the inventive creator of Diabolic Shrimp:

Diabolic Shrimp is an imprint dedicated to making a tangible difference for humankind while also pumping out some fun literature.  Each of my publications dedicates a percentage of its profits to a meaningful cause.  Additionally, Diabolic Shrimp seeks to send shrimp to space, but that hasn’t happened…yet.

And now that we have your attention, let’s meet him. Hi Joshua, thank you for agreeing to do this interview. So, first question, why Diabolic Shrimp and have you invented space helmets small enough?  

Haha!  Back when I first created Diabolic Shrimp four years ago, I came up with the name as my own little joke to have some fun with it (the site originally had a different name which everyone will never know).  I wanted the site to be fun and free for people.  The ‘diabolic’ is part of my diabolic plan to get every author in the world on there and take over the planet.  And the ‘shrimp’ is because authors, especially new or indie authors, are the little guys, pretty insignificant by themselves but quite impressive when they band together.  Sadly, we’re still working out the space helmet issue, especially with how water moves strangely in space.

Your own profile states you have survived a flash flood, encountered numerous bears, and sailed the ocean blue… tell us about this adventurous life you lead, are these vacations? Are you the crazy extremist type? Or is all part of your job? 

A little bit of all of the above ironically. 😊  A lot of my adventures come from working with kids over the years.  I was working as a camp counselor years ago when this massive flash flood utterly devastated camp and nearly killed me and my fourth graders.  Our cabin collapsed from this four-foot wall of water that smashed into it!  It was definitely the craziest and scariest thing I’ve ever been through!  Fortunately, we all got out okay (though we lost our shoes and all our stuff).  We had to sit on this hill for like an hour getting pelted with freezing rain and hail.  The road to camp was destroyed as well, so we spent three days living up in the mountains with Red Cross blankets and pillows while they dug it out.  Yet, I had this amazing moment up there in the craziness where I was watching my kiddos building a blanket fort with their Red Cross blankets.  They were laughing and having fun, a bunch of young kids who nearly died a day before, and I knew then that we don’t need much as human beings, just a bit of kindness and each other.  It was truly one of the most profound moments of my life.

You are also an author on top of all your giving and donating, (we’ll get to that as well) can you tell us about your books because they are varied, from Fantasy, to horror, to comics, do you spill over with ideas’ or trying to find your niche? What is your favorite to write?

Haha!  I do love to bounce around!  I have too many stories I want to tell and just don’t have enough time.  That’s really my requirement for a story I write.  It has to get lodged in my brain, where I absolutely have to write it.  Recently, I created a comic book retelling of Peter Pan where Peter becomes a vigilante crime fighting superhero (The Lost Boy).  I’ve never done a comic book (and haven’t really wanted to in the past), but the story was perfect as a comic, so I went and did it.  It instantly became my best seller and has been met with positive reviews, which has been a lot of fun!  That’s also a problem, because though challenging, comics are so much fun to create, where almost every day you’re getting some art from the artist or something, every day is Christmas, and it makes it really hard to go back to writing novels (which I’m still also doing).  It’s really hard to choose my favorite genre though, because every one offers something different and fun.  If I had to choose, though, Nexus’ heart wrenching story is very near and dear to my heart.

You are also an extremely giving person—I’ll implore everyone to get over and check out your site at the bottom—10% of your book proceeds goes towards charity, but you also use Diabolic Shrimp to aid in donations to a multitude of charities. Can you explain exactly what it is that your site does to gain new authors and readers?

From the get go, I decided as an author and a service provider, I was going to try to support these initiatives that are universally good for humanity and the world.  It has always been a big part of my heart to help others.  I knew as an indie author that my book might never go anywhere, but I could declare it as a success if it raised a single dollar for a good cause.  Fortunately, my books and site have been very successful and I’ve been able to give thousands to good things like childhood disease research, ocean exploration and conservation, and breaking the poverty cycle around the world.  I have fun trying to match a universally good cause with the book’s subject itself.  For example, J.M. Barrie (the original author of Peter Pan) supported a children’s hospital through his work, so part of the profits from The Lost Boy comic goes to children’s hospitals and childhood disease research.  Having a moral core to my initiatives and just having fun with them tends to bring people in.  For my site, I created it because so many places try to prey on new and indie authors, making them pay a fortune to promote something they love, their book.  I wanted to create a place that was largely free, and kind, and meaningful for authors and readers.  I offer free opportunities for book promotion and reviews, as well as free opportunities for readers to win books and connect with authors.  And I’m most happy and proud to say that my original crazy vision of four years ago is thriving and making a tangible difference in the world!

The Diabolic Shrimp supports authors, has awards, reviews, donates and so much more. Please give him a click and check out everything he offers after all those shrimp won’t launch themselves into space.

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