Expand your writing horizon

We tend to stick to what we know, or what others say they want from us. But why?

As a writer you are a born creator, so expand your skill set and try something new. For instance, I began writing novels right out the gate. I’ve never cared to read short stories because it felt like a snippet to something bigger and I was always left wanting more.

However as I am honing my craft, I discovered short stories are the best way to tighten my skills. When I started writing the shorts, I started reading them too – now I love them.

One day I was approached to write a 15 min screenplay. HUH, I never wanted to do this before, but I did it and guess what – I enjoyed the new style it required!

Don’t pigeon hole yourself, you never know what else you will like, and perhaps even be more excited to work on.

Through experimenting, I have a song, poetry, kids picture books, YA novels, horror, crime, sci-fi, a film produced and another complete full length movie written.

Stay fresh and innovative and check out what all you can do too!

2 thoughts on “Expand your writing horizon

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  1. Great advice, Theresa. I started writing later in life than many of my contemporaries, i.e. after a military career and then most of a retail career. I tried poetry, moved up to short stories and then it was novels. As you say, we should check out all we can do. Just like you, I’ve never been trapped by genre either. Good luck with the movie. 🙂

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    1. Hi Tom, i didn’t start myself until 45 🙂 and I wish I’d started sooner – but can’t change that. I love being Indie for the versatility and freedom it affords. NOw if only it’d pay better LOL


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