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Filipino-Canadian Lucy Lombos shares her joy of life and goal for children’s literacy through her many books. Each of which hold the highest values and moral teaching for children. Lucy and her husband Umberto “Jun” Lombos, founded Lombosco Academy (LA) in Katarungan Village, Muntinlupa City, Philippines. She sits as LA’s Directress while Jun serves as its Founding President. You can read her full story below in an article from Philippine Canadian Inquirer. But before you do, don’t forget to pick up a book or two.

A young boy experiences an unexpected adventure and discovers who the real gem is. The journey leads him to reach his goal.
Modern fables
Life is like a boat ride which is not always smooth sailing. This is a compelling story of a young girl who goes through an unforgettable adventure in Puerto Galera, Philippines. Her summer vacation is a realistic comparison of life to the waves of the sea.
This is the story of a child who loves to play at home and outdoors. It values the traditional play other than the new tech gadgets nowadays. It highlights family bonding, learning to do household chores, the love of reading. It introduces the concept of days of the week and remembering names.
This book tells the readers about a delightful tale of a turtle and an eagle who unexpectedly met. They eventually became friends while chasing their dreams.
A mother’s love will always be unquestionable and will prioritize whatever is best for her child.
A story about two sisters who support each other. The curiosity of an eight-year-old girl leads to the fulfillment of her dream. The book also portrays the value of orderliness, readiness and finding meaning in the necessities of life.
Two lovely dogs enjoy caring for their disabled lady master who has great affection and treats them as a family.
A story about the value of patience while waiting for abundant blessings in our lives. Everything has its own perfect timing.
Do you hate a housefly?…not anymore! Fly along and enjoy the adventure with “Noshi”, the housefly as it discovers the sweetness of life and family.
This is a heart-warming story about Bill, the butterfly fish who learned many valuable lessons about life and his watery world. The book will serve to inspire the young as well as the young at heart to become stewards of the marine environment and of the delicate world we live in. This piece of work is overflowing with both imagination and science, and is an exemplary contribution towards empowering the citizens of tomorrow.

Great life lessons for young people with the use of unconventional characters. These are modern fables narrated in a creative and fun way to know one’s purpose in life.

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