While we await the end of times…

The Day We Ate Grandad, is a dysfunctional family horror novel for fans of The Magnus Archives, We Have Always Lived In The Castle, and The Call of Cthuluh.

Unspoken is a short, but well-paced and compelling exploration of the themes of unrequited love and the insanity that accompanies it in the midst of a world sliding into madness. A story of love, regret, and the end of the world expressed with a poetic voice and postmodern sensibilities; it could be described as being a combination between George A. Romero’s The Crazies and an amalgam of The Notebook and Love In the Time of Cholera.

Innocence Ends. Six friends meet together in an isolated mountain town in Northern Idaho to commemorate the fifth anniversary of a close friend’s suicide. A week of hiking, spending time in nature, and bittersweet reunion soon takes a sinister turn as the friends find themselves fighting for their lives and struggling to survive. A seemingly tranquil community bombarded by late spring storms becomes a trap filled with monsters and threats everywhere they turn. Terrifying secrets are revealed and the survivors are left to wonder what will be left of the world outside if they can find a way to come through the gauntlet alive. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08FS43NDB

On the eve of humanity’s end, those left on the island fought to protect its shores—only to fail. Two thousand kilometres away, Jack emerges from a month-long stupor to find he is alone—again. As the depth of the devastation sinks in, Jack realizes that losing his wife to cancer months earlier, was just a taste of what fate had in store.

After earth’s population is decimated by an unknown threat, a handful of survivors wander the desolate countryside, alone and hunted. For them, time is running out. Churches and places of worship no longer provide sanctuary from those who come in the night—deceased loved ones, resurrected from the dead, abominations of humanity.

Science Fiction is the great cosmos governed only by the power of What If…The more you can imagine and wonder at, the better we all will be…the book is definitely worth reading.
Bruce Blanchard, Book Reviewer

  • Soul Collector by T. Gillmore
    US: A world where one’s man imagination is another man’s fate
  • Star Crossed by Tom Howard
    US: Visitor from a strange planet, hero or harbinger?
  • Degrees of Life by Theresa Jacobs
    CANADA: People: The ultimate post-apocalyptic monsters
  • Soloman’s Key by Jason J. McCuiston
    US: A futuristic, noir detective story of magic and demons
  • The Traveler by J. McBrearty
    US: Other worldly strangers unravel a mystery and their pasts
  • Jaws of the Jabberwock by Kevin Singer
    US: Planetary colonists unearth more than a new place to live
  • Last Sub to Tel-K by Joachim Heijndermans
    NETHERLANDS: Futuristic tale of prisoners, personalities & perfidy
  • Under Vlacq by F. J. Robledano-Espín
    SPAIN: Rethinking your place in the universe far below the lunar surface
  • Looking Into A Dream World by Ken Grant
    US: Hell hath no fury like a daughter scorned
  • Sickly Sweet by Mike Hultquist
    US: Post-apocalyptic survival unlike any imagined
  • Alien Ways by Stephanie Barr
    US: Extra-terrestrial science from a different point of view
  • Her Right-Hand Man by Teresa Twomey
    US: Planetary ambassadors handle prejudice and civil upheaval
  • Brinkman’s War by Marie D. Jones
    US: “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War
  • Space Junk by Andrea L. Staum
    US: Galactic scavengers salvage their origins
  • All Because of the Bees by Theresa Jacobs
    CANADA: The sting of surviving the end of the world
  • What Goes Around… by C. R. Downing
    US: Cosmic karma for a world under siege or alien manifest destiny?
  • The Other Fellow’s Shoes by G. Lloyd Helm
    US: A remote world: Freaky Friday vs. insectophobia
  • Zeroth Iteration by Flemming Lord
    UK: Quantum computing, a new universe, or an experiment gone right?
  • The Gasher by T. Gillmore
    US: A family’s struggle to conquer their differences and a hostile planet
  • 45 Degrees North, 123 Degrees West by Dave Steinman
    CANADA: One great mystery explained, then lost in time

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  1. Reblogged this on C. M. Rosens and commented:
    Some great apocalyptic fiction coming soon or out now… including mine! THE DAY WE ATE GRANDAD is coming soon, I’m 87.4K into the post-beta rewrite and nearly at the part where Wes slicks his hair back with someone else’s blood at a party. Fun times await.

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