Calls for Horror Anthologies

I’ve been slacking on my blogging, just busy with life, so here are some open calls I’ve seen.

Some I’ve entered, you can too!

Good Luck. 


Fractured Mind Publishing54436075_626325777816085_5115914835380404224_n.png

As most of you know, Fractured Mind Publishing will be publishing three anthologies in 2019. They are:
1) Seven Sins of The Apocalypse
2) More Lore From The Mythos
3) Christmas Kills






RED CAPE Publishing

We are currently calling for submissions for a series of horror anthologies. The series will be based on the theme of the Four Elements, and will consist of four books. We are looking for short horror stories, between 3000 and 5000 words, on each of the themes; Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. 



Gothic Fantasy: Epic Fantasy March 24th

American Cult Anthology April 31st

Year’s Best Cosmic Horror 2018 May 31st

The Third Corona Book of Horror Stories April 30th

Haunted Playthings Aug 31





The Scent of You is the Death of Me.


I am not a fan of screaming poor me from the roof tops and generally lean away from those who are. However, when the air we breath has already become less than tolerable,  then the masses all douse themselves in chemicals – things have to change.

There is a known, and studied, disease labelled (MSC) – multiple chemical sensitivities. Not that I want to say I have any disease, or scare others into thinking they do too, but the proof is in the air.



It’s all around us, and people need to understand the consequences. Scent free places, such as hospitals, or doctor’s office, (the most common), are that way for a reason. Reactions to scents for those with MSC, can cause disabling health effects, such as headaches, (migraines), dizziness, cognitive impairment, breathing difficulties, heart palpitations, nausea, mucous membrane irritation, asthma attacks, to the severe Anaphylaxis.


hailey-kean-111977-unsplashAbove is the most important point here. For those of us afflicted we are not complaining because we don’t like the way you smell, we are complaining because it’s detrimental to our daily enjoyment of life! I can lose 1 -4 days of work. And all that time with loved ones while I’m in bed suffering. Lose my writing time. AND have to cancel functions that I’ve planned months in advance.

It’s truly a debilitating affliction.


You can still wear deodorant, perfume, wash with your favorite shampoo, but what you need to do is keep it light.

I wear perfume, and yes, I have to find one that’s suitable to my issue, and one tiny spray is it, but If anyone were to hug me, they tell me I smell good. That is all you need. Not the entire room for two hours after you’ve vacated it knowing you were there.


Sadly, the beauty industry likes to entice people with heavy scents. There are some simple hand lotions, (that my co-workers love – sorry guys), that cause instant headaches within a three-foot radius of me. From cleaning products, including Green Works, (which is supposed to be no harsh chemical fumes – but it’s the worst), to laundry products, candles, room fresheners, and more, it’s all hurting us.

I wrote this to try and bring a bit of enlightenment to those around us who over-scent. Please think before you spray, who are you wearing this for? The masses or yourself?  Be kind and stay minimal.


And share this with your stinky friends! 🙂

Sincerely stressed, Theresa Jacobs.

Even Writers Need Fashion

On Jan 27th 2018 I will be hosting my first ever Book Signing at the Local Chapters.


The ladies out there will understand, this is a great way to narrow down the selection and make preview day go that much smoother. Just because I spend many hours at home tucked away in my jammies, doesn’t mean I can’t look smashing in public 🙂

PS .. ignore the little hole in the wall, we are renovating!



This has helped narrow it down to 6 possible outfits. Anyone out there wants to toss in their opinions, please feel free.



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