Google Audio for readers and writers!

I recently learned about google play allowing authors to upload for audio FREE. So I thought I have nothing to lose, and I did it.

There was a small learning curve, not too bad. Upload your book in EPUB (you can convert free online if you need to) fill out the blurb, price, all the fun stuff and get your bank account verified.

Bingo-Bango 2 days later and I have two books on e-read google play, or audio! And for listeners they are set at $2 to $4 a book, depending on country. That is a massive discount compared to Amazons Audible.

I plan on uploading all my books, slowly there is work to it, but why the heck not??? And because I can’t post video here, you can click through and hear a sample above 🙂

Deadly Envy – Readers’ Favorite Accolade

Author’s new book receives a warm literary welcome.

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Fiction – Crime book “Deadly Envy” by Sarah Stuart, currently available at

Readers’ Favorite is one of the largest book review and award contest sites on the Internet. They have earned the respect of renowned publishers like Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Harper Collins, and have received the “Best Websites for Authors” and “Honoring Excellence” awards from the Association of Independent Authors. They are also fully accredited by the BBB (A+ rating), which is a rarity among Book Review and Book Award Contest companies.

“Reviewed By Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite

DCI Gerald Croft’s Crime Thriller world is featured again in Sarah Stuart’s Deadly Envy. DCI Croft returns from a well-earned holiday with his family to find his house has been burgled. Several unsolved burglaries are already on file and, for now…

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You’ve waited long enough!

I’ve been talking about my new book Into the Salton Sea for nearly a year!
It finally dropped today!

Get your copy now, no waiting…


Abandoned as a baby, Harlow spent her life asking unanswered questions. Who was she? Where did she come from? And why was she plagued by dreams of drowning?
As she matured, the torturous dreams lessened.
Becoming a reporter, Harlow is sent to the deserted towns bordering the Salton Sea. Upon her arrival, the unwelcome dreams awaken, drawing her into the toxic water.
Something in the depths yearns for her.
But when secrets about her past start coming to light, she can’t leave until she finds the answers.
Will she be able to piece together her lost history before it’s too late?
Or will the Salton Sea be her undoing?

paperbacks and expanded distribution coming shortly.

New DCI Gerald Croft Crime Thriller!

Pre-order available at just 99 cents/pence/euro. Grab it now before the published price rises!


Can DCI Gerald Croft stop a crime wave before the media pick up the story and put him in the chief superintendent’s firing line?
An armed raid on a jewellers’ shop – deaths that might have been a suicide pact or murder – a teenage girl kidnapped.
Is there more to come?

Pre-order available at just 99 cents/pence/euro. Grab it now before the published price rises!

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.50 Cent Horror Stories. These prices are scary!

Hello friends and readers, I have not slipped off into the abyss … yet!

I’ve just been battling my own health demons. Though I am slower to write these days, and not bugging you all as much, I am still here. For your reading pleasure between my long awaited novels I have some great creepy tales on GODLESS.

The newest release is a mix of 100 word drabbles with 4 short stories. It’s 21 pages in total for a whopping .50 cents!


100 word drabbles
Unwanted Darkness
True Love
The Gnome
Short horror stories
Money Problems
Lessons for Alana
Night Sprites



The Karen Carter series – review

US Amazon link: The Karen Carter series – by R.E. Sargent

Series summary:

For any brave soul who has put a short story or novel into the public domain for public scrutiny, they’ll well know that feeling of fear-filled excitement as they wait for the reviews to roll in – will their work be met with universal acclaim or be cursed by voices of condemnation, the dreaded 1-star reviews? Now, most authors when confronted by a scathing 1-star review will, quite sensibly, shrug it off and put it out of their mind. Sometimes of course, the review might be so unjustified the author feels compelled to reply online (this rarely turns out well!). But what if the author truly doesn’t take kindly to public criticism and possesses some dubious means by which to confront their reviewer in the real world? The Karen Carter series by R.E. Sargent tackles this…

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Beat Nov blues with free reads

November 1 – 5 anyone can read two of my ebooks completely free, just click the links below.


Twelve massive ships leave the dying earth, heading into the great unknown, seeking new life among the stars.
One of the ships, GIA, crashes on Kepler, which is already inhabited. Now at the mercy of the alien race, the humans are held in an underground cavern.
Would they still have gone knowing that they would be stripped of all humanity?
Under the constant eye of the aliens, a few men discover there may be a way out of the cavern.
But to where?
How will they escape and what will they encounter if they succeed?


Being handsome has its advantages and affords him easy access into people’s homes. They quickly learn you can not judge a book by its cover when they pay the ultimate price with their lives. He didn’t ask to look the way he does, nor to lose his loving mother at such a young age. Dealing with unwanted memories, he will find a way to erase his past by cleansing the city as he sees fit.
Detective Marcy Gagon, finds at times her relationship with the lead coroner, Krista Jones, a harder case to crack than the one she’s trying to solve. She feels alone in the hunt for a man whom she believes is a serial killer. The Chief of Police refuses to entertain the possibility that Toronto has yet another serial killer until she can bring him solid proof. But when another couple are killed within 24 hours of the last, Marcy gets the push she needs, and new leads come pouring in. Fully engulfed in her job, she also learns a deeper secret to her girlfriend’s past that only strengthens their bond. Hot on the heels of a killer, Marcy must somehow bring his reign of terror to an end without letting her personal life interfere.

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