When you hit THE END

The day you type "the end" in your novel is a joyous release. You can relax for a bit, let it rest, get some distance before re-reading and beginning to edit. The next day you feel lost, you know you have to write, you've set yourself to a schedule. You go to your computer and... Continue Reading →


Surviving the writer’s life

Don't let the hours of dull everyday work spoil your creativity, take moments here and there to write notes. Write whatever you want, don't worry too much the naysayers or editors, it's your creation Meet other writers boost each other, help each other, we all have self-doubt. Be brave    Grow a thick skin or learn... Continue Reading →

Not another NaNoWriMo post!

Well, I never thought I'd be one to discuss NaNoWriMo. I'm sorry if you are already sick of hearing it from every blogger in November.    I joined this year because I began writing a sci-fi, out of my comfort zone last year and while I had many projects up I the air at once,... Continue Reading →

Free Promotions

Free Ways to Promote Yourself - I am updating an older post with new places I've found. I have run across many ads that charge for promoting authors and their works. They all spout that they are the best. They will gain you thousands of followers. They will help you sell more books. But where... Continue Reading →

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