Are you still there?

I’ve been lax in everything writing this year, no need to go into details—you get it. Shockingly it’s taken me literally a full year to write 50,000 words for book two of my Detective Gagon series. I thought I should pop in and make my presence renown and perhaps a few of you might be waiting for this. It’ll be heading off the editor this week with plans to drop in August.

Blurb in the works :

Detective Gagon is called to the sewers of Toronto, an unusual location for a homicide. While she’s racing to find answers, another person is murdered miles away, inside their home. Both victim’s eyes were removed. Distracted by secrets she’s keeping from her girlfriend, Dr. Krista Jones, Toronto’s lead coroner, a young police cadet offers his help; she gets him involved in a way that risks her own career. On a race to stop a serial killer, and desperately trying to help Dr. Jones shed her past, Gagon traps herself in a web of deceit. Overworked and stretched thin, ultimate choices have to be made before more people die. Can she solve the case, help Dr. Jones, and keep her career intact? Ride along with Detective Marcy Gagon and find out.

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