Busy Bee – the writers life

You want to be a writer? This is what a writers life looks like – and this is without young kids.


Begin each day early. I like to social media in the mornings before the day job. Some people prefer to write a little.

Work on covers, banners, logo’s, or think of new ways to grab a readers attention.

Here is my new banner.


Logo created by https://www.facebook.com/groups/darkwishdesigns/

Ordered through Beatties, my local (and employer) office supply store. Check out your local places to get the best service for your money.  https://beatties.com/
Or busy preparing stock for the upcoming show in Oct, where I’ll be selling my books. If you’re in the Southern Ontario Canada or Niagara Falls/Buffalo USA area, come on out and see the show.

Recent Orders
30 CONTENT – Sudden Death
15 CONTENT – Cataclysm
30 CONTENT – Kept
20 CONTENT – The Cimmerians
30 CONTENT – Wife ‘n’ Death



All while editing two books and beginning to write another … COMING SOON…

Writing101 (1).jpg

Writing 101 will be free for everyone – ETA Late Sept



The Used to be released Late Oct Early Nov!









HANDSOME (4).jpg

And my new WIP – Cover ready due late winter – early spring… so stay tuned.







AND writing articles for 1428Elm.com and this weekly blog.  Imagine what I could do if I didn’t have a day job 🙂

1428Elm.com https://1428elm.com/author/tjacobs/


Now Imagine what you can do and get to it!


Stalk me 



Write this, that, and the other!

Keep your writing life interesting. Why bind yourself to only writing novellas or novels? Branch out, get your name far and wide. Take chances, you never know what’s going to be your big break if you never try.


Write for anthologies




Apply to magazines



Flash fiction



TV scripts – what?

Ya I said it go for it (top secret)



If you sell one or two small pieces a month, that’s cash flow, and putting your name under new eyes too.



Can’t forget blogging – and guest blogging


I have a few fun projects in the works, however, they’re always confidential but if you stick with me, you’ll learn about them as they come to fruition.

Share your fun ideas to keep your writing alive.

Writing a writers Blog


I like to keep my blogs relate-able to who I am in real life. I have been sharing my writer’s journey since week one. Which has only been two years now. And boy-o-boy that two years have flown!

Occasionally people will ask, what does a writer blog about and while I am not going to post others here without their permission – which I admit to dropping the ball on – here are types of blogs writers create…..

There are the informative, dry bones, how-to….. which are perfect if you need quick info. 


There are the writers who come up with ingenious tales or insights into real life, and they share these gems with us. When you read blogs like this, you think “I am not worthy to write at all!”   




I’ve even come across a writer (who I shall not name) that was sharing stories, books for sale, contests, and inviting writers to create short stories in their comment section.



All well and good! Be creative, share your work, entice people to join in. The problem was they never actually interacted with their followers! I was right in there, enjoying the blogs, laughing, leaving comments, and then I asked a direct question. After a few weeks of no response, I did some investigating and discovered that writer, drew people in like a banshee, made crazy book sales, does public appearances, and yet doesn’t interact with the general public, who are the very ones supporting them! Therefore, I never bought any of their product and dropped their blog like a hot potato. 

This list can go on and on. Some writers do book reviews, author interviews, share chapters, or stories of their own works. The list is unending. If you are a writer, use your imagination. Read lots, comment too, connect and find what works for you. I do whatever I feel that week, from info, to woes, to my newest endeavor.

Share your blog ideas with us too 🙂



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Happy writing folks, Theresa Jacobs.













Even Writers Need Fashion

On Jan 27th 2018 I will be hosting my first ever Book Signing at the Local Chapters.


The ladies out there will understand, this is a great way to narrow down the selection and make preview day go that much smoother. Just because I spend many hours at home tucked away in my jammies, doesn’t mean I can’t look smashing in public 🙂

PS .. ignore the little hole in the wall, we are renovating!



This has helped narrow it down to 6 possible outfits. Anyone out there wants to toss in their opinions, please feel free.



Antisocial Media


 As an indie writer, our jobs are not only to write, but to market, and network, to build a solid community around us. There are days, however, when being “on” through social media can become overwhelming.

Many writers use their personal, and author accounts, as one. I do not, I keep mine separate. I do share some personal details on my writer’s account, but I try to stick to human interest style posts. I share the mundane daily stuff or any political, or religious believes with my family and friends. As a writer, I feel that the public only truly wants to read my stories, not know that I have dinner plans with friends, (unless their famous people perhaps).


But there are days when the thought of more marketing can be overwhelming, or just plain boring. So I just don’t do it that day. Some sites say you must be present online hurry-2119711_640every day. We have many hats to wear and life is extra busy when you are working, raising a family, writing, marketing, and seeking other avenues of promoting your work.

It’s enough to drive a person mad.




I say nope, I need me time TOO!

Stay sane, be happy, be creative, and stay healthy. Happy writing folks. Theresa



(.99 cent sale)


Not another NaNoWriMo post!

Well, I never thought I’d be one to discuss NaNoWriMo. I’m sorry if you are already sick of hearing it from every blogger in November. 
I joined this year because I began writing a sci-fi, out of my comfort zone last year and while I had many projects up I the air at once, this novel was just not getting written. I would add a paragraph here and there and in a year only had 24 pages, that’s sad. 
So as my debut novel launched on Oct 13 I decided right then to jump in with both feet as I always do, and signed up to nano to get this book written. I work best under pressure with time constraints looming over me.  
Writers have no real time constraints, we make it up as we go along, we can finish when we want or not at all. It’s our prerogative unless you have a publisher breathing down your neck. Well, I have a few other books I’m aching to be working on, so this has to get done so I can start them. 
Of course, life gets in the way all the time. I got sick. I have tests and appointments and a day job. While needing to rest and work. As we all do! Yet, I still managed to add more words to the the challenge then I did before I signed up. 
I hit 21900 Friday. I may not win it, but I will finish it now. The story is finally building and growing and taking on a life of its own. 
And that folks Is the point of joining NaNoWriMo!
Get your words in, get your book written. 
Happy writing Nov, Theresa Jacobs
What are your thoughts on NaNoWriMo, I’d love to hear from you.

No Fear – take a leap

Many times, over the course of our lives we let fear hold us back. Even in writing. Which is silly to think about, but I’m sure you’ve done it too. Whether it’s fear of being ridiculed, fear of failure or even fear of success.

I am no psychologist, so I’m here to talk about taking new leaps.

Along with fiction writing, I am also a contributor to the online magazine 1428elm.com. For those who don’t know, it’s a horror news magazine. 1428 Elm is the fictional address of Freddy Kruger, Nightmare on Elm St. Recently I have been writing about the TV Series Z-Nation – based on zombies – if you’re into that sort of thing. As season three ended, and we are waiting for the next to begin, I got the brilliant idea to see if I could interview the shows creator, Karl Schaefer.

That’s when the fear gripped me. I mean seriously, zombies, pssh they don’t scare me because they are not real, but trying to reach out to a creative genius and talk to him! Now that’s frightening. So, I told myself all I can do is try to find him at this point. Chill, this could be a search in vain. How do I even find a show writer/director/producer? And I won’t bore you with all that – but I did find him. Then I buckled down and asked if he would be interested in doing an interview. Because really all he can do is, #1 completely ignore me (perhaps block me) or #2 Say no. And what is going to happen to me from these results – NOTHING!

When Karl responded with a YES and here’s my personal email, I was on cloud nine. I mean seriously, I had an idea, I did some research, and I followed through. What was there to be afraid of? I got results, and it was fun.

You can read that interview below if you want to see how it went.

Bonus, my dear friend, and writer extraordinaire Susan Leighton was lucky enough to wrangle in the big cheese (or should I say big chin?) none other than Bruce Campbell himself. I’ve posted that interview as well.

So, what’s holding you back? Get out there and have fun writing.

Z-nation Interview:



Bruce Campbell Interview:


Author Spotlight

I would like to introduce you to Zane Dowling, my friend, editor, and mentor. He passes on some sage advice. Read below and when you’re done, why not go buy one of his superb books, you won’t regret it.  P.s. my favorite is “Brother’s Keeper. Link below.

The one thing I want you to take away from my time in this little spotlight is to consider as your utmost goal the idea of bringing the best possible story to your readers.  Imagine presenting a puzzle for others to see.  If you haven’t put that puzzle together in the best possible way they will not enjoy it as much as they could.  Suppose you have just stuffed the pieces of the puzzle together without making sure the pieces fit, or you jammed a few pieces in because they fit but didn’t make sure they matched the surrounding parts of the picture, you will have given the viewer an incomplete picture.

Does this mean you have to strive for perfection?  Of course it does.  You have to be diligent for your readers; it’s not about you it’s about them.  You must check, recheck, have someone else check, check again and then you will need to step back and see what the finished puzzle looks like one more time.

I understand that no one is perfect. I have found typos in various published works where you would not expect them.  I don’t consider typos a problem.  They are like that one piece of the puzzle where the picture has come away from the cardboard and there is nothing above due diligence and care that can be done about them.  I am talking about the author getting into their own story, to see the picture, to become the character in the situation and not let them do, say, wear, think, be, react, reflect, move, smell, look, or any other possible way of being other than what that character would do, etcetera.  Don’t make characters or situations fit the story; let the characters be in the story in the only way they can be – who they are. – Zane.

Zane is currently working on a compilation of his poetry and short stories, a novel called ‘Dormant’, a novel called ‘Dawn of the Shinning – Magic Rising’, which is a sequel to ‘The Triadon Prophesy’, as well as other writing projects.


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