Elements the Horror Anthologies Promo’s Ebooks & Audio

Usually horror stories revolve around ghosts, goblins, beasts of death, or things that go bump in the night. But what type of horror do you think stems from within the Four Elements? Earth, Air, Water and Fire?
For an interesting spin on everyday aspects, why not check these books out? While sadly I dropped the ball and missed one call, it’s still worth your time, so don’t be shy – BUY!

Earth – https://mybook.to/BookOneEarth

Air – https://mybook.to/BookTwoAir

Fire – https://mybook.to/BookThreeFire

Water – https://mybook.to/BookFourWater

Writers looking for some interesting new submission areas, look no further than, Redcape https://redcapepublishing.com/submissions/


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