Chase Your Dreams

You have to believe in yourself and continue to do so in the face of oblivion. There are days where you feel as though your talking to yourself when you share your work. Whether it’s your blog, a video, a new book, whatever it is you’re sending out into the world. There will be days when you are essentially being ignored, people don’t click, don’t like, don’t share and don’t even read. Remeber all times you do the same to others.

We are bombarded daily with posts screaming click me, look at me, read me, and who has that kind of time!

I have a handful of people that I go the extra mile for and when I see their posts. I like, share, and comment. I can’t always read, or watch right that precise moment, but I get back to it. I’m sure we all have this little niche.

Everyone is insanely busy and have their own stuff to create too. Don’t fret about it, or give up. Keep creating, keep sharing, keep speaking to the world. Find new avenues to gather new followers. Try different ways to share, you never know what will peak someone’s interest.  Don’t stop and never stagnate.

This week I made a fun GIF for my book, then I found a new poplar sharing site called Awesome Gang, check it out.

Plus I created an Amazon Paperback Giveaway – this one is currently USA only but Canada and UK will be next!

See this #AmazonGiveaway for a chance to win: Cataclysm. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends the earlier of Oct 26, 2017 11:59 PM PDT, or when all prizes are claimed. See Official Rules

Just be you, believe in you, and put in the time – it will change and you’d better be ready for it when it does.

Stay tuned for my author signing coming 2018!

Happy writing folks, Theresa Jacobs

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