The annoyance of marketing on social media, you’ve all been there once or twice – share your woes in the comments.


1. Groups that have a bazillion stupid rules. You can only post book sales Tues at midnight and blog Sunday before noon.  Don’t post any links, only write in the thread. You can’t write in the thread, only in comments. Don’t share your new releases… 



Do you have any clue what a writers schedule actually looks like?
Most of the time I don’t even know what day it is, never mind which group allows me to post when – 



2. OR when I post a blog link, or a link to a sale, or to a friends page and admin has to jump into the comments and say “tell us about your post instead of just dropping links.”


I’m on this end of my computer saying, “SERIOUSLY!” The links tells you exactly what it is! So now I have to waste more time writing up a write up to a write up – yeah I said it and I’m sticking to it. 




3. Writer admins that non-stop comment about writing structure. They continue to insist that you can’t write without plotting and planning first. Many of them are down right insulting about it as well.


Well guess what, unless you are going read my books, still insist I need structure and then offer to edit for FREE, I say shut-up! I have a way and you have a way and Jo-Bob  has his way – so there are other ways. It’s called art for a reason. 




And I wont even get into the fake accounts or Perverts! We’ve all seen it and just don’t get the point. 

Share your tales with us too. 

The Scent of You is the Death of Me.


I am not a fan of screaming poor me from the roof tops and generally lean away from those who are. However, when the air we breath has already become less than tolerable,  then the masses all douse themselves in chemicals – things have to change.

There is a known, and studied, disease labelled (MSC) – multiple chemical sensitivities. Not that I want to say I have any disease, or scare others into thinking they do too, but the proof is in the air.



It’s all around us, and people need to understand the consequences. Scent free places, such as hospitals, or doctor’s office, (the most common), are that way for a reason. Reactions to scents for those with MSC, can cause disabling health effects, such as headaches, (migraines), dizziness, cognitive impairment, breathing difficulties, heart palpitations, nausea, mucous membrane irritation, asthma attacks, to the severe Anaphylaxis.


hailey-kean-111977-unsplashAbove is the most important point here. For those of us afflicted we are not complaining because we don’t like the way you smell, we are complaining because it’s detrimental to our daily enjoyment of life! I can lose 1 -4 days of work. And all that time with loved ones while I’m in bed suffering. Lose my writing time. AND have to cancel functions that I’ve planned months in advance.

It’s truly a debilitating affliction.


You can still wear deodorant, perfume, wash with your favorite shampoo, but what you need to do is keep it light.

I wear perfume, and yes, I have to find one that’s suitable to my issue, and one tiny spray is it, but If anyone were to hug me, they tell me I smell good. That is all you need. Not the entire room for two hours after you’ve vacated it knowing you were there.


Sadly, the beauty industry likes to entice people with heavy scents. There are some simple hand lotions, (that my co-workers love – sorry guys), that cause instant headaches within a three-foot radius of me. From cleaning products, including Green Works, (which is supposed to be no harsh chemical fumes – but it’s the worst), to laundry products, candles, room fresheners, and more, it’s all hurting us.

I wrote this to try and bring a bit of enlightenment to those around us who over-scent. Please think before you spray, who are you wearing this for? The masses or yourself?  Be kind and stay minimal.


And share this with your stinky friends! 🙂

Sincerely stressed, Theresa Jacobs.

Give and Take

Have you asked for any help? Have you given help to others?

Writing today is a different world then it was ten years ago. We have the world wide web, we can talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere! While you may stumble around reading post after post about writing. Learning your craft, or finding publishing information — whatever it is that you are seeking — don’t ever be afraid to ask others for help.

You will be pleasantly surprised by how many others are willing to give you tips, or advice. It may not all be pertinent to you, but take what you need, discard what you don’t.

Once you find your comfort zone within the abyss, apply the same help to others. If you learn one trick of the trade (like who gives free reviews, or who is willing to edit free, or beta read) share that with people you know that need this information.

It’s a game of give and take.

If you have any questions, because this post is a bit vague — it’s all in my weekly blog. Just ask me, I’ll share what I know. Or I may have a person on my list that can help too.

Read Indie TOO

Read Indie TOO

I did write a blog topic about this not too long ago — so I am just sharing the information here.

If you are a self-published author, you should also read other Indie’s. You can gain insight from others works. Whether it be, avoiding their mistakes, or picking up new forms of writing, it is truly eye opening.

I highly recommend it, and have read many myself this year. I have seen what not to do — what I need to do — and met some amazing writers along the way.

For full details see my “Writers Life Blog” here — and perhaps read a book 🙂

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