The terrifying side of writing

Aside from the critics and trolls, is having to slip out my little bubble of a world and into the lime light.


Well there is no limelight (YET)



But there are the self-set meet and greets, book shows, and this one – FRIGHTMARE in the FALLS 2018

in 2 WEEKS!






IF you are in Southern Ontario, or Niagara Falls NY, area, come on out and meet not only me but this amazing line up of Horror Icon’s and more!

Box Store Book Signing – Why you should do it.

Yesterday was my Debut book signing at my local @Chaptersindgo store.


courtesy of DH Media



One of the questions that many new writers ask is, how do you get a signing? The answer is simple, you call your local bookstore and ask if they allow indie authors to sign there. Luckily my local Chapters did – for a cut of course.

However the benefit of this, number one: EXPOSURE!

Number two: Some venues have a rule, if you sell enough that day, your book goes on the SHELF!

I’m extra lucky that my name at this store come right after Joe Hill! Hazzzah!


I was also able to have a professional photographer there for a short time, and they captured some perfect shots for me.


Thank you Teela DHMedia

All my books are available here:

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