The Horror of Empathy

Being an empath is not an easy life to live and this is just a little peek into mine.

For anyone that may not know what this means, it is a person who picks up on others emotions all the time. We are extra sensitive to even hidden emotions; we feel what they feel within our own core. And it’s not limited to people, we can pick up animals emotions too. I am keeping the description vague, if you want to know more please google it, there are even tests online to see if you are one, however if you are, you would know it.

I have mostly closed myself off to other people so as not to be bombarded constantly by negative or depressed emotions…Until Now.

Working as a writer and wanting to get my work out into the world, I’ve had to open myself up to Social Media. Now I am on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Instagram. I am meeting some wonderful people, but I’ve also met some negative draining ones, and worse — hateful people. I never respond to them, I read the comments and just move on. Or if they are mean I block them but it sticks with me for a long time.

Sadly there can be no blocking of the horrific pictures of abused animals or war displaced children. What the general public does not understand is that when I — as an empath — see these heart wrenching images (there is no way I can read the stories) they haunt me … Forever! I see them at night when I close my eyes. They’ll pop into my head at the oddest of moments, like doing the dishes, or climbing into the shower. And they devastate me all over again.

I think at the heart of it all, this is why I write Horror. It helps me cleanse my mind of all the nasty real evil and direct the emotions into make-believe. If you are an empath and have a coping mechanism, please share and thanks for reading.

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