Ghost hunting

I’ve always been fascinated with the paranormal. Whether it’s actual spirits or residual energy – ghost hunting was a profession I had wanted to do. However, before the internet became accessible, I was lost as to where to go or how to begin, so I never perused this dream.

Last weekend I got to participate in a ghost hunt with actual paranormal investigators.

First they gave us history of the building, Nelles Manor in Grimsby Ont. 

Then they discussed the science behind paranormal investigating, and showed us how the equipment works and how to use it.

After listening to them speaking with some spirits we were set free to roam and talk to the spirits ourselves. They even allowed us to take pictures and videos.

I didn’t capture any orbs or spirits in my videos, but I was able to get some words through the spirit box. It’s extremity hard to hear through the phone, but here’s a sample.

I had so much fun that I’ve already reached out to be apart of the next event. Maybe next time I’ll have ghostly photo’s too.

Do you have a true ghost story to tell? Please share in the comments.




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