Why do we need reviews to validate ourselves? We don’t.

When you get a Five-star review you jump for joy, shout it from the roof-tops, you did great! What happens when you get a two star, or even worse a one star, and that’s only because they have to leave a star to review; then they proceed to tear you to shreds.

First of all, neither should matter to you personally.

Take every review and learn from them. The good ones point out what you are doing right, and the bad ones show you what you are doing wrong.

Not every review counts either, your moms Five star — nil. The haters One star, with no insight — nil

As long as you are paying attention, learning, listening, and growing, then you are going to be fine.

Do yourself a favor and go check out the reviews on your favorite books, or authors, even they will have some reviews that make you want to scream WTF!

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