Thursday Radio Show

Tomorrow night everyone! 10:30 pM EST myself, with other authors from #HorrorZinesBookofGhosts will be featured. There could be some famous names here too – perhaps? Listen and find out! Click the link and bookmark it.

The Horror Zine’s Book of Ghost Stories Kindle Edition

Authors in order of appearance in the book.
Lisa Morton, Matthew Nichols, Nicholas Pascall, Theresa Jacobs, Bentley Little, Amber Fallon, Maureen O’Leary, Derek Austin Johnson, Katie Robinson, Joe R. Lansdale, J. T. Siems, Sebastian Crow, D.J. Tyrer, Logan Fourie, E. A. Black, Elizabeth Massie, Christian A. Larsen, Bruce Memblatt
Graham Masterton and Dawn G. Harris, S. J. Budd, Becky Brown, Tim Waggoner, Shawn P. Madison, Neal Privett, Dean H. Wild, Jeani Rector

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