Imagine that?

People are always asking where writers get their ideas from. I’ve written about this before, as have many other writers. But here is a twist for you; it’s also the reason my grammar is so horrendously bad.

Okay maybe not the only reason-I have a less than stellar education-put that aside for another day.  Today I want to try and explain my mind to you.

This should be interesting.

Or not…

When I am writing, whether it’s a blog such as this or as simple as my grocery list, I don’t see words before me, I see images. The pictures or visions in my mind never shut off. Even when I’m reading, which is how I can miss so many errors… I have to concentrate hard to see them.

An easy example. I wrote a grocery list as:

Zety Doritos

mixed preztezls


And why would I write like that? Well my note pad doesn’t have auto-correct which I rely on heavily. And as I was writing I was seeing the burnt orange large bag of Zesty Doritos and the exact shelf they are in in the store.  Same with the mixed Pretzels, I saw the bag, which I now recall are named, Munchies, and again where they are located. For the tomatoes, I saw the big mound of almost ripe, juicy, red, tasty veggies and a few meals that required them. 

So if you catch a few missed errors (I do pay for professional editing by the way, no one is perfect) in my novels, please know it’s not that I don’t care. It’s that my imagination has the better of me, and I’m gad for it! My insane imagination creates the plots, characters, and everything that befalls them.

If only I could draw!

And what I was my mind seeing as I wrote this? Why I recalled writing the list, where I was standing, what I was wearing, who I was talking to, and laughing my ass off when I actually looked at my spelling.

That’s my story and I’m stick to it – what’s yours?


The writing addiction

If you think you can’t write all the time, you’re wrong. Perhaps you have a different set of priorities. That’s all there is to it.


I know many people talk about habits, make this change to grow your habit, once you form a habit it’s hard to break, and more clichés than you can shake a stick at. 


While I am sure they are correct about lifestyle choices- is writing really a habit? Personally, I don’t think a writing routine can ever be a habit. Writing is an art form. It’s a release valve, an escape, or your livelihood even.  




Creating anything from nothing has its own

Everything else in life is mundane and bland.


But if you can imagine, people, places, and worlds, and make that visible to the world. That is magic! Once you learn how to do that with confidence, whether it’s good or not is in the eye of the beholder, it’s impossible to stop.





Writing isn’t a habit, it’s an addiction.





The choice is yours. Yes, it’s easier to plop in front of the TV and zone out for four hours, and that is what many of us like to do. However, once you start bringing stories life, you will feel a draw from that television to your computer. Your brain will be screaming at you: “I can write better than this show’s writers.” OR “OMG this show is amazing, I want to write something this good.” And that’s when you’ll find yourself heading off to write – just a few mins- you’ll tell yourself. Four hours later and you’re saying – where the hell did the time go?


Tell your tale. Happy writing folks.

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