Writing About Writing

Writing about Writing

I am not talking technique or style or even ideas. Some things can be taught, like grammar and punctuation. Of course, these are extremely important in writing, and I am not the one to teach you these things.

The main question most want-to-be writers ask is: “How do you write?”

This question is truly unanswerable.

I mean other than the basics above, no one can tell you how to write your story. That comes from within, from who you are, and the experiences you’ve lived. As well as the story you are telling, and your imagination.

When I am writing it is like a movie playing out in my mind. Where this comes from I can’t explain, my imagination just works this way. Think of it like daydreaming. When you daydream, you see pictures, usually in action, whether it be a future ideal or a fantasy of winning the lottery. This is what happens when I write. I basically am just trying to capture the vision and put it into words. I watch the characters talk, I see their lips move and the expressions on their faces. I’ll even catch myself laughing or sneering along with them. If a character is looking over their shoulder, I’ll be turning my head as I’m typing and have to pull myself back to watch the screen and not the wall behind me. Sure there are times where I have to contemplate an action — if this happens now, how do I relate back to it later — this is where note taking becomes important.

Writers can tell you to make outlines, do character building, plot points — I’ve done all that — at times I still do it. But not always. So I just work with whatever muse hits me for each individual story.

Joining writers groups help immensely, it’s a place to reach out and ask for advice, and see how others write. We learn new things every day, and I for one am open to that. I enjoy the comradery, but I also enjoy my solitude of just being in my world with the characters.

As long as you are writing, anything you want, poetry, fan fiction, short stories, or working on the never ending novel — keep writing. The creativity flows like an open tap, if you close it (stop writing), it dissipates. Be open and have fun. Try not to worry about how to write, you’re style grows with you and if you love it….it’s not work.

Happy writing folks, Theresa.

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