Life keeps getting in the way

Any St Catharines Ont followers?

This is the found cat. I’m deathly allergic! I want to find her home so the owners can be happy and she wont have to go to the pound 😦

Though I think my dog will miss her 🙂


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Write this, that, and the other!

Keep your writing life interesting. Why bind yourself to only writing novellas or novels? Branch out, get your name far and wide. Take chances, you never know what’s going to be your big break if you never try.


Write for anthologies



Apply to magazines


Flash fiction


TV scripts – what?

Ya I said it go for it (top secret)



If you sell one or two small pieces a month, that’s cash flow, and putting your name under new eyes too.



Can’t forget blogging – and guest blogging


I have a few fun projects in the works, however, they’re always confidential but if you stick with me, you’ll learn about them as they come to fruition.

Share your fun ideas to keep your writing alive.

Let Life


Emerging artist of any kind have to live in multiple realities.


The Day job


The parent role – or pet parent role for some.


The artist



And unless you are superhuman, we must sleep at some point too!


There are times where you have to let life happen, and ignore the art. Yes, I said it! Ignore that little voice calling – come and create me – and it’s not easy to do.


And now my dog is pacing to go run, so with a full schedule this weekend, I must bid you Au revoir and hope for a more evolved post next week.


Writing a writers Blog


I like to keep my blogs relate-able to who I am in real life. I have been sharing my writer’s journey since week one. Which has only been two years now. And boy-o-boy that two years have flown!

Occasionally people will ask, what does a writer blog about and while I am not going to post others here without their permission – which I admit to dropping the ball on – here are types of blogs writers create…..

There are the informative, dry bones, how-to….. which are perfect if you need quick info. 


There are the writers who come up with ingenious tales or insights into real life, and they share these gems with us. When you read blogs like this, you think “I am not worthy to write at all!”   




I’ve even come across a writer (who I shall not name) that was sharing stories, books for sale, contests, and inviting writers to create short stories in their comment section.



All well and good! Be creative, share your work, entice people to join in. The problem was they never actually interacted with their followers! I was right in there, enjoying the blogs, laughing, leaving comments, and then I asked a direct question. After a few weeks of no response, I did some investigating and discovered that writer, drew people in like a banshee, made crazy book sales, does public appearances, and yet doesn’t interact with the general public, who are the very ones supporting them! Therefore, I never bought any of their product and dropped their blog like a hot potato. 

This list can go on and on. Some writers do book reviews, author interviews, share chapters, or stories of their own works. The list is unending. If you are a writer, use your imagination. Read lots, comment too, connect and find what works for you. I do whatever I feel that week, from info, to woes, to my newest endeavor.

Share your blog ideas with us too 🙂



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Happy writing folks, Theresa Jacobs.













Antisocial Media


 As an indie writer, our jobs are not only to write, but to market, and network, to build a solid community around us. There are days, however, when being “on” through social media can become overwhelming.

Many writers use their personal, and author accounts, as one. I do not, I keep mine separate. I do share some personal details on my writer’s account, but I try to stick to human interest style posts. I share the mundane daily stuff or any political, or religious believes with my family and friends. As a writer, I feel that the public only truly wants to read my stories, not know that I have dinner plans with friends, (unless their famous people perhaps).


But there are days when the thought of more marketing can be overwhelming, or just plain boring. So I just don’t do it that day. Some sites say you must be present online hurry-2119711_640every day. We have many hats to wear and life is extra busy when you are working, raising a family, writing, marketing, and seeking other avenues of promoting your work.

It’s enough to drive a person mad.




I say nope, I need me time TOO!

Stay sane, be happy, be creative, and stay healthy. Happy writing folks. Theresa

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Chase Your Dreams

You have to believe in yourself and continue to do so in the face of oblivion. There are days where you feel as though your talking to yourself when you share your work. Whether it’s your blog, a video, a new book, whatever it is you’re sending out into the world. There will be days when you are essentially being ignored, people don’t click, don’t like, don’t share and don’t even read. Remeber all times you do the same to others.

We are bombarded daily with posts screaming click me, look at me, read me, and who has that kind of time!

I have a handful of people that I go the extra mile for and when I see their posts. I like, share, and comment. I can’t always read, or watch right that precise moment, but I get back to it. I’m sure we all have this little niche.

Everyone is insanely busy and have their own stuff to create too. Don’t fret about it, or give up. Keep creating, keep sharing, keep speaking to the world. Find new avenues to gather new followers. Try different ways to share, you never know what will peak someone’s interest.  Don’t stop and never stagnate.

This week I made a fun GIF for my book, then I found a new poplar sharing site called Awesome Gang, check it out.

Plus I created an Amazon Paperback Giveaway – this one is currently USA only but Canada and UK will be next!

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Just be you, believe in you, and put in the time – it will change and you’d better be ready for it when it does.

Stay tuned for my author signing coming 2018!

Happy writing folks, Theresa Jacobs

Don’t take life for Granted

If you are healthy don’t waste it! Get out there and live life to the fullest, for it may not last.

Life is short and health is never guaranteed. Anyone with a chronic illness will attest.

Be Free and Be Alive because not everyone has that opportunity and we envy you.

© Theresa Jacobs

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