The Zombie Effect is finally approved on audible!

UGH…the dreaded C-WORD that overtook the world in January 2020 has put a damper on every aspect of our lives. Including believe it or not – Audible! 5 long months later and my book is here. Check out the 5 minute sample and the incredible voice of Nathan Tarantla. Not only does he narrate, but he adds sound effects too.

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Audio book that sounds like a radio show

I was more than impressed when I listened to this audio book yesterday, and to be this thrilled about a narrator is saying something. After all, I just finished Duma Key by Stephen King, and he pays for the best.

Well, Nathan Tarantla‘s work is leaps and bounds above all that.

For the first time, (that I know of), a book is read with sound effects in the background. There were people screaming, guns firing, thunder rolling, a crackling fire and so much more. I was immediately immersed in the story—and transported to when I used to listen to the old radio shows. I loved those shows, and to have a story read in this vein was enthralling.

I will certainly be seeking his skills when I produce my next audio book.


Wendigo Trail :

She was offered a great job, run the newspaper on the West Coast! Only problem was, her and her husband had to travel the Oregon Trail. There’s more than prairie madness in the west!
The ice cannibal, the horror of the mountains, monster of the plains – the Wendigo. A gruesome tale of supernatural horror and survival. A full audio drama/horror experience.

Listen to the Sample Here

Nathan’s full Audio links here

And if you are a writer seeking a narrator, be sure to drop Nathan a line. PS, he also proofreads.



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