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My new novel “Kept” will be coming Feb 2018 and I know there are readers who like to see how a novel process is worked out. Here are my “behind the scene’s” notes.


I am a pantser, so I write as I go. I generally do not have outlines or plots, or even characters worked out. However, for this novel, being a Sci-Fi, I had a much harder time just “going with the flow”, so I did some set up to get my mind focused. Below are my notes as I was preparing to write the book, and some add-ins during.

My original Idea set to paper









As you can see, “figuring out” the how’s, what’s and why’s of it all.








 Part 2 of plotting.









Creating the characters. I already had the three main people in mind. Finnegan, Helen, and Montana.

The rest came as I wrote them into the book.





Helen and Monty









I Needed to create a human protagonist that lives amongst the people for interest and excitement.







Research on the 12 Ship names, even though there is only an allusion to them in the story, I wasn’t sure if at any point they would be discussed.






And finally the general overview of how I think the story will be played out.







Watch for KEPT and find out how much of this outline I’ve used, discarded, or was a tipping point to the conclusion.


Share your outline preparations, or thoughts with us too.

Happy writing Folks, Theresa Jacobs. http://theresajcbs.wixsite.com/authorpage

A Writers Life is Stranger Than Fiction

People always ask writers where they get their ideas. Most of the time we can’t tell you that. It’s like asking a human how they can walk, or talk, or think, we just do. There are times, however, when Life is stranger than fiction, and these great weird moments can evolve into an entire book or even just a snip in a story we are working on.


So this happened to me the other night.

1:30 I awaken with the need to pee – happens to the best of us – although my routine is 4:00 am – so this is a very unusual time.stone-dog-194453_640





I climb back into my warm cozy place in bed and suddenly the room is lit up as though the overhead light has been turned on. I open my eyes and the husband’s phone, normally off, is face up and some sort of silent notification came through that woke it. Ok weird but whatever, I snuggle back in…. and then an alarm clock, that I have never heard before, starts buzzing from the basement of all places!



I’m so tired at this point I don’t even care about the cold house (winter in Canada) or that I’m in my birthday suit, or that perhaps there is a demon lying in wait.




I run downstairs to find an old alarm clock that my husband had plugged in to view the time. The next oddity was that the alarm dial was in the off position! I pressed buttons until it shut up and went back to bed.





As I snuggled in I thought is someone trying to tell me something? Then rolled over figuring if it was really important they could try again, I was just too tired to care.


However, in the light of day, I was pondering why those three unusual occurrences transpired and would be a good idea to slip things like this into my next novel.


That’s how a writers mind works, happy writing folks Theresa Jacobs


Darn it …what was my blog?


While blogging weekly can be a daunting undertaking, most of us find something to talk about. However when you have a brilliant flash of a blog mid week but neglect to write it down – that’s a pisser!


I awoke this morning to blog and had absolutely no idea what my mind-blowingly-thousand-likes -blog was going to be!




I did my chores, walked the dog, had some lunch and tried not to think about it. Maybe it would sneak back into my consciousness if I avoided thinking about it altogether.



Clearly, via the state of this Blog, that did not happen. Perhaps next week I’ll have that showstopper. But for today you are left with this –



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Book with Speil.jpg

Surviving the writer’s life

Don’t let the hours of dull everyday work spoil your creativity, take moments here and there to write notes.

Write whatever you want, don’t worry too much the naysayers or editors, it’s your creation

Meet other writers boost each other, help each other, we all have self-doubt. Be brave 


Grow a thick skin or learn how to cordon hate into boxes labeled ‘do not open’

Keep writing always, even when you feel like a hack, everyone does at one time or another.

If you can only write a half hour a day, do it, don’t slough it off as not enough time, any writing is better than no writing.

Never forgot to enjoy time away with family and friends, have fun, writing will wait for you.

Happy writing folks, time to plug into NanoWrimo!

Theresa Jacobs  http://theresajcbs.wixsite.com/authorpage

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