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My new novel “Kept” will be coming Feb 2018 and I know there are readers who like to see how a novel process is worked out. Here are my “behind the scene’s” notes.


I am a pantser, so I write as I go. I generally do not have outlines or plots, or even characters worked out. However, for this novel, being a Sci-Fi, I had a much harder time just “going with the flow”, so I did some set up to get my mind focused. Below are my notes as I was preparing to write the book, and some add-ins during.

My original Idea set to paper









As you can see, “figuring out” the how’s, what’s and why’s of it all.








 Part 2 of plotting.









Creating the characters. I already had the three main people in mind. Finnegan, Helen, and Montana.

The rest came as I wrote them into the book.





Helen and Monty









I Needed to create a human protagonist that lives amongst the people for interest and excitement.







Research on the 12 Ship names, even though there is only an allusion to them in the story, I wasn’t sure if at any point they would be discussed.






And finally the general overview of how I think the story will be played out.







Watch for KEPT and find out how much of this outline I’ve used, discarded, or was a tipping point to the conclusion.


Share your outline preparations, or thoughts with us too.

Happy writing Folks, Theresa Jacobs. http://theresajcbs.wixsite.com/authorpage

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