MS Office has a read function

Okay perhaps you knew this and I’m just way behind. But for those of you like me, who did not know, this is handy.

MS Office has a read back function and here is how to access it.


Open a Doc and the main tool bar has this little drop down arrow.


After you select More Commands :


A huge alphabetical list opens :


Back to your Doc with the newly added speech function:



Best way to edit your own work is to hear it read back to you.

If you have any handy tricks or better suggestions for easy programs, share your thoughts.


The Internet is a Succubus

Poem © Theresa Jacobs 2016

You can Read how got I lost in the web below, or you can stop time wasting and go write.

I planned on writing after work last night. Usually, this is not a problem for me, somehow I got lost in the web… and I’m trying hard to recall what I even did.

The most important task was filling out an application for a writers site, that did take longer than anticipated. But it was an accomplishment — so Check.

Then I planned on writing, and thought, I’d better view my email first. Of course, I had some comments from G+ — So I responded.

Seeing as I’m on G+ already, I had to browse others posts, read some blogs, gotta keep up with everyone.

That led me to check both my Facebooks accounts, respond to questions, share a new author site.

Notifications for emails pop up with a few more blogs to read. Read another author’s short stories.

Oh yes, write my blog for tomorrow morning — another writing accomplishment, Check.

Time to write and I Lost the link to the new Bibsco program I computer… that distracted me to clean up my desktop, change my pic, change my desktop, and delete some files. I finally find the program, open it and not sure where I left off… now I’m exhausted and decide to turn in.

Hit the bed for tv, do Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and candy crush, while watching three shows. And I wrote this … wow, I may need an electronic vacation.

Not that you need me to tell you all this — but that is the difference between setting a writing schedule and sticking it — or letting your mind wander — now I must go write.

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