Book Launch, the pleasure, the pain, and the rewards

new Cat Cover 300dpi.jpg
Paperback Book Wrap 

For those of you who do this regularly you know how difficult the road is. The hours, days, months and years to get  a story together.
If you have not seen one of my hundreds of posts yesterday – I finally hit publish on my novel.  Yeah me! (link at bottom)

And that’s only the beginning.

Next you have re-reading, editing, revising, editing, beta readers, editing. I’ve read this book so many times that I just can’t do it again.  

Why do we do this to ourselves? 

You still have to create a blurb, possibly a dedication page – don’t forget to thank someone – the begging for reviews and links at the end.  Then there is the perfect cover, if you’re like me and create your own, another headache may arise when you go to upload and you get size errors. Let the hair pulling begin. I tend to clench my jaw, and it will lead to a headache. But I persevere.

All ready hit upload and voila I have formatting issues to contend with. More clenching, spend hours adjusting the file. Try again, tap toes while the wheel spins…uploading…

And bingo we have a winner! Two or three stressful days later, I have a book online. In about a week, I’ll have a paperback in hand. 

Now I can celebrate. Today I did that by setting up a sit-stand desk. No more sore hip, slouching shoulders, or cricked up back. I hope.


I’m off to enjoy my new desk, standing style, and continue writing my next book. A complete 360 for me, a sci-fi.

So please be kind and check out my new book, leave me a review, or write to me personally. Heck, even if Horror is not your cup of tea, it helps if you share with friends. And thanks for reading my blogs!

You’re welcome to share your own book links in my comment section too, I enjoy reading and meeting new authors.

.99 cents on Smashwords

Or sadly $2.99 on amazon (their rules)



See you again next week, happy writing folks. Theresa Jacobs.

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