Marketing that works

The first hardest part of self-publishing is the writing.

The second is getting attention. 

As Indie’s we work our butts off in marketing our own work. There’s blogs, interviews, social media interactions, groups, videos, and on and on – you know the drill.

And of course, we’ll try anything ONCE.

The other day I was googling a business, and it hit me, “Why don’t I try putting myself on google maps?”

That’s exactly what I did.

I don’t particularly like that my home address is so easily visible, I’m sure a PO Box will remedy that. But I also am not hard to find if anyone really looks anyway – I figure while I’m not super famous – I’d take a chance.

This is how it looks when I google my name 🙂


This is the results after only 6 days!

14,720 VIEWS 23 CLICKS cost me $15.19!


Yes, it costs money, but you control it. I created a cap of $50.00 a month just to see how that would translate. It’s going well and not costing me a fortune.  You can also create weekly ads (you actually have to change them weekly, which I don’t care for) but I made a call to action, below.

Now people don’t even have to click through to my website, they can click buy and it takes them directly to my Amazon page. 


Get creative, share events, re-direct to your website or Amazon. Take the world by storm and make yourself known.

I’m always open to discuss – drop me a comment! Theresa

How to build an Author Platform — For the anti-social

Be present.

If you want to get your work know you must become visible. That means putting yourself out there across multiple platforms.

Use as many as you can.

Even if you don’t have a ton of content to share, or can’t yet create new content weekly, at least be seen.

Read posts, comment, share, and build a following of the same interests. Make people aware of you and be aware of them. Let people get you know you and be consistent. Set goals of being on social media daily or even weekly.

Connections in this day and age are important, don’t ever think that your time spent online is a waste.

See you on the Great Wide Web, Theresa

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