The annoyance of marketing on social media, you’ve all been there once or twice – share your woes in the comments.


1. Groups that have a bazillion stupid rules. You can only post book sales Tues at midnight and blog Sunday before noon.  Don’t post any links, only write in the thread. You can’t write in the thread, only in comments. Don’t share your new releases… 



Do you have any clue what a writers schedule actually looks like?
Most of the time I don’t even know what day it is, never mind which group allows me to post when – 



2. OR when I post a blog link, or a link to a sale, or to a friends page and admin has to jump into the comments and say “tell us about your post instead of just dropping links.”


I’m on this end of my computer saying, “SERIOUSLY!” The links tells you exactly what it is! So now I have to waste more time writing up a write up to a write up – yeah I said it and I’m sticking to it. 




3. Writer admins that non-stop comment about writing structure. They continue to insist that you can’t write without plotting and planning first. Many of them are down right insulting about it as well.


Well guess what, unless you are going read my books, still insist I need structure and then offer to edit for FREE, I say shut-up! I have a way and you have a way and Jo-Bob  has his way – so there are other ways. It’s called art for a reason. 




And I wont even get into the fake accounts or Perverts! We’ve all seen it and just don’t get the point. 

Share your tales with us too. 

The Overwhelming Side of Writing

When anyone decides to start writing and self-publish the one thing no one ever tells you – unless you stumble across a blog such as this – is how easy it is to become engulfed tasks that feel unwriterly!

Yes, I made up a word, deal with it.


I have many balls in the air. It’s my personal preference though; I like having different projects to work on otherwise I get bored. I have a novel in progress, a biography in progress, an online magazine contribution to make, my weekly blog (Hi), and reading indies to review. Then there is social media contact multiple times a day and always marketing in various area’s. I do also work full-time on top of all the above. Luckily my child is an adult now so I can do it all.



The marketing side of writing alone can be overwhelming. Which site is going yield the best results? seo-3007488_1920
Do I pay or not pay?



job-interview-156130Doing interviews. Hosting events. Going to actual live events.




                                                                  Meet and greets. alcohol-1281704_1920






And constantly creating ads, video’s or podcasts. All to keep the writing machine liquid.






                                                Where’s the time to write?


In order not to become lost in all the tasks, it’s usually a good idea to have a schedule. That helps focus on the important now, and not get all crazy-brained.


calendaarGoogle calendar can help with that. It’s also a good tool if you are submitting to calls for stories, to keep track of when they post their acceptances. Because if you create story after story and submit as I do, you want to know when they end – to either post elsewhere or celebrate a win.




And as long as you don’t have a contracted deadline, it’s okay to occasionally take a vacation from all of it! 59c4ad25-bade-41bc-9516-85d5b328ee1a.jpg

Until next week, happy writing folks, Theresa Jacobs

Antisocial Media


 As an indie writer, our jobs are not only to write, but to market, and network, to build a solid community around us. There are days, however, when being “on” through social media can become overwhelming.

Many writers use their personal, and author accounts, as one. I do not, I keep mine separate. I do share some personal details on my writer’s account, but I try to stick to human interest style posts. I share the mundane daily stuff or any political, or religious believes with my family and friends. As a writer, I feel that the public only truly wants to read my stories, not know that I have dinner plans with friends, (unless their famous people perhaps).


But there are days when the thought of more marketing can be overwhelming, or just plain boring. So I just don’t do it that day. Some sites say you must be present online hurry-2119711_640every day. We have many hats to wear and life is extra busy when you are working, raising a family, writing, marketing, and seeking other avenues of promoting your work.

It’s enough to drive a person mad.




I say nope, I need me time TOO!

Stay sane, be happy, be creative, and stay healthy. Happy writing folks. Theresa

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Connect Connect Connect

For anyone that follows my blogs, or other social media, I am going to sound like a broken record.

But I can’t say it enough!

When it comes to your art you must connect with like minded people. Not only does it boost your confidence, but it can help you with new ideas, new outlets, or even — dare I say — sales.

Don’t write into the vacuum and expect results, it doesn’t work that way. Engage with others. Move out of your comfort zone and talk about things that you love, or their ideas. Join groups, advocate, up-lift someone else.

Life on the web is not empty or valueless. Yes you may come across some nasty people, or trolls, I have … just block them and move on. You will also met some spectacular people, smart, funny, and knowledgeable.

So what are you waiting for, say HI and let do this.

How to build an Author Platform — For the anti-social

Be present.

If you want to get your work know you must become visible. That means putting yourself out there across multiple platforms.

Use as many as you can.

Even if you don’t have a ton of content to share, or can’t yet create new content weekly, at least be seen.

Read posts, comment, share, and build a following of the same interests. Make people aware of you and be aware of them. Let people get you know you and be consistent. Set goals of being on social media daily or even weekly.

Connections in this day and age are important, don’t ever think that your time spent online is a waste.

See you on the Great Wide Web, Theresa

Open Your Mind

Now that we have social media and a million voices screaming to be heard, we need to process more information than ever before.

Listen to what others have to say objectively. Their opinion or views on life may be different than yours, but you can also learn a great deal by opening your mind. Why come across a post that you are against and immediately jump on the bashing bandwagon? Why not take in what the person is saying, process it, think about it and respond with an intelligent comment. Or if you feel it is complete hogwash (in your opinion) just move on and not start a fight you will not win.

Most people have heard the old adage – “ You can led a horse to water,but you can’t make it drink.” Well the same is true for people and their ideals, including your own, right?

Be apart of the conversation, not an outsider screaming that everyone is wrong, you’ll might learn something.

Just my thought for today. Enjoy your time here, for it may not be long.

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